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Re: Free Physics (like Free Jazz)

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x0Y619O1 wrote:
nameta9 wrote:most of what had to be discovered has been discovered, there will be very few really new breakthroughs in Science and Technology in the future

disagree. How to you know that?

Because I can invent and imagine things way beyond any possible breakthroughs, so even if there are some, they will be puny compared to my imagination, compared to what new Brain Designs can invent, live and create, artificial worlds, virtual realities, etc.

x0Y619O1 wrote: As far as Im concerned, if one atom in certain situation does this, and another atom in exactly same situation does something different, then there would be no truth. Truth would change as atoms do something completely different in exactly same situations. I believe such dimension couldn't exist. I cant even imagine such place. About you being genius, I agree. I totally feel you when your saying that you cant even express what you're thinking with this primitive language and letters. Been there, done that. And since im like you, I can spot someone who's like me.

But that is the basis of the non solvability of the three body problem: there are never really 100 % exactly the same situation two items find themselves in, the boundary conditions change, if ever so slightly, the initial positions and velocities are slightly different, (and up to what precision can you measure them ? 10^-100 mm ? or 10^-1000 mm, and under what time span ? 10^-100 nanoseconds ? 10^-1000 nanoseconds ?, so you say that slight difference doesn't count ? but it does, just look at chaos theory, etc. ) etc. and the three body problem also shows the limits of reciprocal influence of items: item A influences item B which influences item C which then goes back to influence item A again, or does it influence item B ? and then B influences A and C, and so on in a never ending entangled web of reciprocal influences which are intractable and demonstrate the true limits of science and any possible laws. So there is no absolute extreme determinism ever operating, so no rules and no laws, hence the real basis of reality is the absence of laws of physics, the laws of physics are just a quirky approximation of our interaction in our quirky body - mind - language - memory with a quirky world.

I am the greatest genius of all time, light years away from anyone at all, many times more advanced and better than you or anyone or anything or god, or ....

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