Friday, June 1, 2012

Abstract World




And in fact we simply talk about imaginary worlds and logical structures pretending that the Economy will work according to what we decide is the model and such (but it could also work since there is a positive feedback loop in as if everyone believes in the models and thinks that "that is the truth and operating", they will actually make the model become true and such) but they are all fairy tales, mental models, words putting large ensembles of unrelated things together in a box and "talking about it" (like unemployment, JOBS, GDP, etc.) and pretending that the ensemble operates as a unit, a single item, like a number and follows simple logic, simple cause and effects (especially since the ensemble contains individual people with their individual will powers and decisions and random actions and such that is ever changing, that can change from any moment to the next (to anything at all, any fight at all or anything at all) and the will power decisions and events can be anything at all since the Man Brain is a totally unstable, chaotic, random entity that can change moment to moment to anything at all and the connection of random events and actions between people can go anywhere at all)."

Actually, all language operates like this, all words are often "putting large ensembles of unrelated things together in a box and "talking about it"", many words, sentences, concepts, blocks of texts, ideologies, theories, you name it, many ideas are simply abstractions, gross simplifications, using words to mean many things, but that can only be applied to a very small and specific subset of events, items, effects and such.

All words and thoughts are huge abstractions and simplifications, hence this is why we are always in Mental Model Mode, and always fighting our own mind, fighting ourselves and the world and others, since very seldom does our Mental Mode, our Desires coincide or have anything to do with the world, and especially fighting and blaming (not entirely wrong though) other people and their power and will powers and choices, political choices and effects and you name it they have and such.

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