Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Punishment Mode

The Punishment Mode

The same set of processes that made the money accumulate and then be frozen into real estate, in other words, the same set of jobs, interactions, exchanges, social interactions and exchanges and especially the psychological environments (culture), the expectations, the desire to invest and make a profit, etc. that were operating and abundant and blooming in the Bubble Years, or Boom Years, (or mostly probably the Inflation Years, or better still the Home Prices Inflation Years) are no longer operating or are operating at much reduced levels, can no longer be activated, the jobs have changed, a lot of work is no longer necessary, or the jobs have been offshored or automated or whatever.

So, just like a diode can conduct current in only one direction and not the other, just like a Cash to Property Converter that crystallizes the Money into Property Values, but you can't make it go backwards anymore, you can't convert the Property Values to Cash anymore because that would mean you can extract money from real estate and activate processes with it, exchange processes, but this is no longer possible, you can't create jobs anymore, you can't convert Home Prices and Values into a Process and reverse the set of events that froze the money into Real Estate in the first place, you essentially get stuck, you get stuck with High Property Values and Prices and No Jobs (and millions of empty homes in Spain and the USA).

The only real solution is to make the property values Crash, Baby Crash hugely worldwide, all over the place, kill those Home Prices, a 3 bedroom home in the middle of Manhattan or Los Angeles, or Tokyo or Paris or Rome, etc. should not be valued at more than 50,000 dollars or 200 dollars a month rent. In this way, there may be a chance to activate some exchange processes again, to create some jobs again, etc.

But everyone is in Punishment Mode, everyone blaming everyone else of why the economy sucks, everyone wanting to punish everyone else by calling them lazy, firing them, they don't "Work Hard Enough" hence they don't deserve cash anymore, they don't "Innovate Enough" and so forth: exactly when a society goes in Punishment Mode, and gets stingy, and no longer wants to pay out Free Salaries, Huge Welfare, give out cash for free, but wants People to "Deserve It" is exactly when it becomes poorer and poorer since eveyone doesn't trust or value anyone else anymore, everyone is an enemy of everyone else who "Doesn't Deserve Anything" since they are all freeloaders and don't want to "Work Hard Enough" and so on.

But the 20th century west got rich exactly by being less stingy, less demanding of others, less fixed on this Punishment Mode, on the Myth of "Hard Work"(which is mostly an artistic, aesthetical choice, the boss wants to see you "Work Hard" and suffer (and creates so many useless tasks in order to make people Work Hard at essentially nothing but wasting resources, mostly working hard at selling fluff to other people and fighting other people, the interaction and conflicts and exhanges with other people and their opposition to your will power is what work essentially consists of today in the crappy "Services Economy") etc.) so that you deserve your money when this is all useless and meaningless and just a show, especially when our present economic system has absolutely nothing at all to do with work anymore, it is mostly an Automatic System with huge economies of scale, a Technological Economy that needs work like a hole in the head and needs more than anything else consumption and people buying like crazy, buy baby buy. A Technological Economy creates Free Wealth by the boatloads and can easily give it all out to everyone for free, etc. but we are stuck in the Stone Ages with our Ape Man Mentality.

Hence we need:

1) Free Salaries to all worldwide (800 dollars a month);

2) Cheap Rents to all worldwide (200 dollars a month for a 3 bedroom home in Manhattan or 50 dollars a month for the same in some suburb, etc.);

3) Trillions of huge large scale Public Private projects for the future, Space Exploration, Skyscrapers, High Speed trains, you name it.

But then again, when you know that all judgements, choices, all interactions and politics and all the possible ways to program a society as Man is the Infinitely Programmable Machine depends simply on what a dominating random Mind thinks is better, just the judgment of another person, and you know that the judgment and choices and preferences of any mind are worthless always, meaningless, arbitrary and have no value at all, everything is mostly vain and useless anyways..


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