Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obsolete ?

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Obsolete ?

Like when they say that you can't still be a programmer at 40 years old, after 10 years as a technician (engineer, whatever) you have to change gear and go into "management", try to be a King Boss, etc. And why is this ? Why are engineers and technicians Obsolete after 10 years of "Hard Work" and experience ? because if they were good, with good college grades and serious workers, after 10 years in a technical field they would have become so good (but they all make sure this doesn't happen by always changing the technology and making it hard to master anything by complexity and ever changing confusionary items, etc.) as to render useless and vain hiring any other new technicians and kids from college since they would have become "so productive" and so expert so as to be able do the work of 10 young kids without experience, you wouldn't need the kids, the technicians already working would be more than enough. And in fact this is exactly the case, after a few years of experience the technicians become too good to remain "doing the same things", etc. But this contradicts the dictates of "productivity", but no one notices it, everyone accepts all the quirky and random rules of the games the corporations and business culture imposes on everyone, but subtly, imposed according to a very clear and hidden agenda: hose the old guy, hire the new kids, etc. That is why they are always changing programming languages, always inventing new techiques to do the same old things, etc.

But since we have a huge Excess Capacity in terms of people and skills, we have way too many possible workers and even good workers to know what to do with them since the Technological Economy needs more workers and more technicians and more "Scientists and Engineers" like a hole in the head, they subtly brainwash everyone that after 10 years the engineer is Obsolete, no longer good enough, not fresh enough or flexible enough to learn all the "new technologies" and all other such BS.

The truth is, they have to create room for the young and hose the old turds that are no longer functional to corporations and their ritual, their little club like mentality where the rules of the games are totally arbitrary, totally disconnected from any real needs or reasons simply because the work is unecessary, there is no real work left for the "experienced technicians" to do, now we need a new crop of kids ready to slug it out in competition and see who wins the career game, the workforce is always overbloated from the start, there are way too many people for way too little real work left to do: the only thing left is to make them all play office power games, struggle and especially struggle against other people according to all imaginary interdictions and roadblocks and fight other people's will power as that is what "Advanced Management" must do in a Technological Economy that doesn't need people at all anymore, etc.

Of course they can all become very creative and create all kinds of problems and interdictions and difficulty to anyone by creating ever changing rules of the games, ever changing documents that must be produced, ever changing complex and vague procedures, etc. you get the idea.

And always change everything, hire and fire, restructure, much ado about nothing, a lot of activity that doesn't really produce or change anything anymore.

But they always say they need more "Scientists and Engineers", as if to make fun of all of those who have chosen this path and have seen how they all become Obsolete and useless turds for some mysterious reason. Of course there is no truth behind 99 % of what they all say, they are all slogans and sound bytes and crap, etc.

We would need many more technicians and there would be many more real jobs if they (who is they ?) finally decided to invest in Trillions of New Skyscrapers, Trillions of Rockets to Mars, Trillions of 1966 Oldsmobile Ninety Eights, Trillions of everything, not caring about nature or Peak Oil anymore since we can split the Sun and grab all the energy etc.

We need what I have been saying for years: Free Salaries, Cheap Rents, Huge Public Private Projects for the Future...


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