Thursday, June 28, 2012

Distribute Wealth ?

Distribute Wealth ?

So given that the Technological Economy has absolutely nothing at all to do with Work, Labor or any kind of Effort of any kind anymore, how on earth are you going to distribute the wealth that it automatically generates by the boatloads? Are you going to force fake and make believe and imaginary exchanges people will perform for a salary anyways ? Are you going to give the cash out for free to all ? are you going to LEND it out and make everyone have huge debts in the end (subprime loans to buy McMansions: another sign of Huge Excess Capacity and Free Wealth Generation the Technological Economy generates automatically, thousands of McMansions and such, thousands of high rises in China and such) all in the name of trying to desperately hide the truth that labor is no longer needed, is redundant, nay, that any human interaction and social exchanges at all are redundant, not needed and not necessary anymore, the system is mostly a huge Automatic Economy, generates wealth and goods by huge economy of scales, networks, huge flows of Energy and Oil, Electricity, Machines, Automated subsystems, automated and optimized production processes worldwide (and even if not automated, then run by very cheap and abundant labor in poorer countries, etc.) ? No ? Well then just be honest and give it all out for free, let it all hang out, give out free salaries and cheap rents to all worldwide and get it over with once and for all.

And you can easily see how unecessary work is in this economic system when all of a sudden companies layoff hundreds or thousands of people (for the bottom line): obviously all of those people and their labor was worthless and optional anyways, it wasn't really needed, otherwise you couldn't do that, on two feet. And how much time millions of people waste in offices, in meetings and interactions and fights and lawyers, all of the people goofing off in Education (and probably a good deal in health Care) etc. all the while the economists and politicians are always making believe that there are all of these deep "Structural Reasons" why the economy must be organized as it is, labor must be "flexible", globalization must allow outsourcing or whatever.

All of the talk about Innovation and always changing kinds of jobs every two years and so forth goes to show how not necessary and optional and all fun and games all of those "Innovations" and "New Jobs" really are, how they have nothing at all to do with the Economy at all, nothing at all to do with the Technological Economy generating free wealth and providing all of the basics to all. All of the new startups, IPADS, APPS, new jobs, are all about fun and games and fluff and make believe comic book jobs and work: things that are just cool artistically and aesthetically, it looks like real work, but the Technological Economy doesn't even notice, and needs all of those jobs like a hole in the head. It is all just a ritual, a make believe, no real necessity or needs behind it. The only need it satisfies is to make people think that they are necessary and important and that their labor counts: nothing further from the truth, all of their labor is totally irrelevant.

There are no structural invariants for a Technological Economy, people can simply get a free salary, it would actually make the economies way richer by wasting less energy to go back and forth to work and printing loads of paper that is useless anyways. All of that imaginary work and activity just tries to hide the fact that it is a cultural and social ritual, a make believe that our culture imposes, just because, for no real reason at all, because that is how the powers that be programmed it to be (or the casual forces of society programmed people and the people let themselves be programmed by), not because LABOR or WORK is a real necessity for the economy to work anymore, to feed people or to produce goods: and in fact notice that the parking lots of malls are always full no matter how high the unemployement rate or how bad the economy is doing etc., the goods flow always, people travel and the airports and highways are crowded.

The limitations are all cultural, psychological and are all based on an artistic - aesthetic, arbitrary, random choice of wanting people to "work" 8 hours a day and pretending that it is needed: it is hard to find a substitute to this ritual because all of the values, ideas, all of the distribution of wealth must be performed through "work" or what passes for "work".

It was all true and necessary (work and labor was needed, factories needed the 8 hour a day labor, etc.) up until the mid 20th century, then the Huge Productive Power of the Technological Economy started to show its force, just look at how much production went into World War Two (All government paid, but in that case, welfare was ok, the government paying for it all was ok, etc.), Germany alone produced enough to battle half of the world for almost five years, then the productive power of the USA kicked in, etc. By the 1950s we were essentially already living in an Automatic - Free Wealth Generating Technological Economy and this is even before the power of the Microprocessor, Computers and the Internet kicked in and with a much more primitive technology compared to today.

The Hippies knew this, that is what the counterculture was all about, they knew that humanity was essentially free from labor by the use of Technology and expected the Utopia to kick in: it didn't happen, the Right Wing Conservatives won and kept everyone brainwashed about all of these limitations and the need for Work and all of the Resource Scarcity Myths, etc.

Oh, I forgot, Man is the fight, the conflict, without the fight and conflict and everyone against everyone else, and everyone wanting to be the boss of everyone else and impose "Hard Work" on the loser, Man is undefined, gets lost, cannot measure himself against others. He needs inequality always, the "I am Better Than You" (or especially I "Deserve" more than you (but who judges who deserves ? another arbitrary clown, that's who)), the contrasts, the conflicts, the fights, complexity, and problems, the problems and the freeloaders and lazy turds to blame why the "Economy Is Not Doing Well" etc.

Well, the Economy Is Not Doing Well because there are no long any circuits to distribute the wealth it generates automatically unless you finally decide to give out free salaries and cheap rents to all worldwide. AMEN.

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