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"PLUS you acquire very hard-to-replace expertise after years on the job that, if given out to some young college grad - as under your dizball scenario - will just fuck up a well-running system and cost the company tens of thousands to several million dollars, depending on the application involved."

Sometimes they give it out to some young grad exactly to break a system and buy another, exactly to create a new money flow, or for political reasons or many, many other obscure reasons, especially in financial affairs: never underestimate the oblique and hidden agenda of so many actors in corporations, often, nothing is at it appears: and don't believe in the brainwashing they gave you too much either.

Anyways, in your particular company, or in a given group of corporations you may be right, but there are many other situations, you simply can't generalize.

But I generalize, but don't think that I am always right... I love to be wrong and in contradiction.

And I am the best philosopher and thinker of all time, I am the best genius of all time, bar none, read all of my posts on, you will see that I am number ONE.

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