Friday, June 1, 2012

Mental Model Mode ?

Mental Model Mode ?

We are always fighting ourselves, actually fighting reality as it must abide to all of our Mental Models, the past was A (or we want the future to be A, hence we constantly compare the present with our expectations, and what we expect should be with what is, and get mad and angry at someone or something or the economy or politics or society, etc. who is at fault for not letting it be A and such, etc.) and now it is B, but I want it to be A, it must return to A, my Mental Model of the world having to be in state A is forcing me to constantly compare the present state of the world and hoping, forcing, thinking about how to make it go back to A, or why it isn't back to A, or why A will never return, or anything else regarding A and B, or a pity party on how I lost this and that since the events, random, independent from me (or sometimes depending on me, or was it me, or was it me in conflict with myself and any other?) made the world go from A to B. And the same Mental Model Mode of being a prisoner of our models and ideas and causes and effects we think should be and are operating or hope are operating or wish to make operating deal with the future, with our plans and expectations and projects and comparing how events, and luck and effort or whatever is bringing us closer to the goal , the target that the Mental Model imposes must be achieved no matter what, etc.

But these Mental Models are all worthless junk, have no value, throw them all away, throw away the past and future and all Mental Models and expectations and projects, free your mind instead, don't be a slave of Mental Models and comparing you state with the past or future and how it should be, or should have been, and how unhappy you are because your Mental Model did not come to be or has been lost, the entire idea of the "good past being lost", of losing anything is a false loss, the myth of the Loss, I lost A or I lost this item, situation whatever that I had and such, in all truth we never lose anything, we are always in the same steady random useless state, the Law of Conservation of any State a Man Brain is in, no state or situation or past or future or anything has any higher Metaphysical or Spiritual value compared to any other, they are all fake inequalities we impose on different realities to make our Mind fight with itself, trying to achieve as reality future Mental Models or going back to past Mental Models, and punishing ourselves uselessly on all of this BS, comparing the Mental Model, the theory with what is actually reality and trying to force things to go in certain directions.

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