Monday, June 25, 2012

One Shot


"Our universe has been described as "one brief moment of light, in between two eternities of darkness"; that this is the only universe that exists, or will ever exist -- nothing came before it, and nothing will come after it ends."

What makes this fact noteworthy ? What makes this stand out ? To see the universe as a blink in time and then coming from minus eternity and going to plus eternity, with just a moment to exist (although the moment can be and is broken down into maybe 10^200 discrete time intervals, and the universe as an item extends into 3 dimensional space by maybe 10^200 millimeters and such, but these values and measurements are made according to our size, both in space and time, and especially by our frequencies as compared to all of the other frequencies observable in the universe as the frequencies define the repetitive patterns we become aware of, nay define reality completely as reality is just the end result of millions of events cycling over and over again, the entire construction of a Human and his Man Brain is made up of millions of repetitive cycles (repetitions with slight variations, adding up in the long run into a large changes, etc.) all operating at different frequencies and interacting and all frequency modulated reciprocally and such, and how those repetitive patterns intersect with all of the other repetitive patterns of the universe and how they compare and synchronize and how each frequency modulates each other frequency (starting from the frequency of light waves, to the frequencies of protein foldings in our cells and molecules, to the frequencies of the electrons circling  atoms, and such)).

Because it is a one shot ordeal ? Just ONE, just something that occurs and disappears with no further story ? No cycling events ? No frequencies ? No repetitive patterns ? And since we are used to patterns and repetitions and frequencies, a one shot universe coming from the eternal and going to the eternal is wrong or illogical ? It doesn't make sense ? It is weird ?

No, nothing is weird, nothing makes sense, nothing is more acceptable or less acceptable than anything else, it is all just a feeling, an opinion, a judgment on something that can't be judged anyways.

And then you would need to be an Observer from the Outside Looking In, an External Observer of the Universe looking at it from Eternity and seeing it appear and disappear and judging how weird and how strange that looks ....

And then is not everything just an Observer comparing all of the input signals to himself, to how he is hardwired anyways ? isn't the universe just the relationship between an Observer and his Environment (the input signals and the laws of engagements accordingly), so then given that the Observer can be of any design, hence the Universe can be of any design, hence that particular design of the universe (the one shot ordeal) is just one according to what Observer is looking at it and judging it and how he is decoding it....

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