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One Shot - Part Two

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One Shot - Part Two

One way to understand the Information Relationship, the non extension or existence of Space or Time or the outside world is to see what happens when you are under pain, just a very local, small part of the body in pain, hard pain and everything else disappears, nothing is important or counts anymore, there is no world or universe or global, only that little localized pain that is absorbing all of your attention (but we are condemned to use logic to avoid or try to find out a way to escape pain, but often better to not even know you are in pain like animals, etc.). That shows how really small and little and insignificant the Universe really is, that is the bottom line, that is the real "Elementary Particle" of physics.

So we really only have local, localized, fleeting events, nothing General, no Global, no Common Good, or Rule of the Law, etc. just random events that occur just because, for no reason at all (and even if there are reasons, and you can know all the reasons of the world but you can't control or predict anything in the long run (and often also in the short run), all knowledge and general knowledge is worth zero anyways, is irrelevant) and the best reason and explanation for anything at all, the truest and most honest Science is that that always replies for anything that occurs or any process or whatever: No Reason At All, Just Because.

Funny how the general good and common good is used as a superstructure in the psychology of Man to repress his instincts, as in psychoanalysis, and Freud, etc. a control system...

Just like the programmer that has to fix complex systems, his boss tells him to do it fast (it is always an emergency, but there is a hidden agenda for making everything appear as an emergency, you are sure things will just get worst and worst which is the real reason everything must always be done right away (doing it fast you are sure to make more mistakes, aside from the show of "Hard Work"), the deadline, to create more money flows, more problems needing more contracts, etc.), really fast knowing that the faster you try to fix a bug the more bugs you introduce, but that is the real goal, solve one problem to produce 10 problems down the line, so more cash to fix 10 new problems, and fix 10 new problems to create 100 new problems down the line, so ever more cash, the worst you fix it the better, the real goal is the cash, there is no general or common good here, only someone gaining cash and someone losing cash behind all of the make believe and all of the hot air and excuses and large scale fake common good everyone talks about. But the boss is 100 % correct, only the local gain and event counts, only the local gain of any random person counts as opposed to some general good, only naive babies believe in the general good or common good, the boss just wants to increase the bottom line, cash baby cash, all the rest is irrelevant. And simlar examples can be found in many other sectors and jobs and corporations, situations etc. not only Software, etc..

Especially since it is always a simple Man Brain judging and evaluating and perceiving and assigning the value of anything arbitrarily without any real absolute reference system aside from his radnom free will and random taste and desires and pleasures, and in fact the pleasure of one Man Brain as opposed to the pain of a billion Man Brains is perfectly ok, in the end it is always a useless, insignificant contraption that is gaining or losing, there is no General World, or Common World, or Common Goal, or Common Good, only instantaneous fights between opposing will powers both of which are useless and meaningless and valueless and arbitrary, etc.

When you realize how totally arbitrary everything is since it is all based on some turd, any random turd in the end (all Man Brains are turds and always wrong), you finally see how worthless all choices and decisions and paths really are: just the one shot event exists, nothing at all, the one shot fight and winner or loser and so forth, a one transistor circuit nothing deeper or better.

There are occasions when the common goal and good is achieved like in wars, like in the USA Space Program of putting a Man on the Moon, etc. And we could achieve a huge amount of results, common goals if it really were desired and wanted, if Odumbo said that by 2020 the USA would put a Man on Mars, it could easily be done, just like any goal can easily be done, we have everything to do anything at all, we have millions of technicians wasting time in idiotic technical gadgets like the IPAD and idiotic political games in the offices, millions of idle workers worldwide, millions of hours wasted over millions of worthless procedures and documents and rules of the game all designed to repress the huge productive capacity and excess capacity a modern Technological Economy has.

But it could be done: Free Salaries, Cheap Rents and Huge Public Private Projects building Trillions of Skyscrapers, Trillions of Rockets to Mars, Trillions of High Speed Trains across the globe, Split the Sun grab all of its energy, etc.

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