Friday, June 8, 2012

No Solution Ever !

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No Solution Ever !

There will never be any solution to any problem, to any possible kind of problem ever (personal, political, society, etc.) no matter what, learn to give up, give up real fast. The Mental Model Mode of imagining a future that is supposed to "follow a path", "a predetermined path" that we wish occurs and happens and such, and if it doesn't happen we get mad at the world, ourselves and others (and are jealous of others having been successful in following that similar path, why him and not me ?, etc.), try to find the blame, and keep on trying to push the path the way we wanted, or simply cry forever because it didn't happen, our expectations didn't "come true", the "world betrayed us", the random luck, factors, events betrayed our linear model, of "going forward", of "achieving our will power", of "having success" is flawed, wrong, must be hosed: since we expect the world is going according to a Mental model of the Future, what is planned, what is expected and such but then in almost all cases it doesn't.

Nothing further from the truth: the world follows its own path, anything can happen and often happens, so it is better to give up ahead of time and avoid failed mental models and failed expectations from the beginning, don't believe in anything (especially don't believe in your mental models or plans, since all mental models and plans are wrong always, they are always 100 % wrong), don't believe you can do it, be a failure from the start, don't try, don't even try, do nothing, have no model or goal or expectation, be free, free your mind, don't punish yourself by trying and wanting to follow a failed mental model, that was wrong and flawed structurally from the beginning, from the outset, by definition because all mental models are wrong, are just wishes, fairy tales, have mostly nothing to do with the real world which has no models, no direction, no goal, doesn't care about anything, etc. And who cares if other are winners and have achieved that specific mental model, just don't assign any value to any model at all and be free and be the real top winner of all, everything is always and has always been achieved this way, you are the absolute winner always, you win, you won.

Especially the expectations that other people or someone etc. will follow a path you take for granted, or events will follow a given path and such, etc. Nothing further from the truth, people are fickle, change constantly, just like the random forces of nature, especially you getting mad at someone because he didn't follow your plan or expectation and you trying to force him or them or whatever to follow a plan when your are fighting a losing battle always, from the beginning, because the other person or people or events or both or society or whatever have their independent and often opposing will power, nay, often oppose your will power automatically, for fun, just because, etc.

So don't punish yourself believing in a given future path or expectation, fail immediately, give up immediately, etc. Like when a soldier dies and the mom of the soldier is in grief: no way jose', it happened, give up, don't care or think about it anymore, kill your mental circuits, don't make them become your prison guard and make you want impossible expectations and paths that cannot be, fail always, be a failure, don't give a crap, free your mind instead, etc. For the mom: it happened, forget about it the next moment, erase the story, the past, the memories and such (if ever it was so easy, but it is since it is just the mind punishing itself, we need to activate bad feelings and are searching for an excuse, actually all feelings are excuses and all reasons to activate any feeling is an excuse hard wired by information and society and such, the goal the ever present constant goal and then the failure, and how much time we dedicated to the goal now lost forever etc. no way jose' kill it all).

The grief is the Mind's way of punishing itself, and we worship our own punishment, but the event is just a few bits, just some random information, disconnect it from any emotional attachements and such, so there are many ways you can start to modify your own brain and mind without having to stick a V8 engine in your head...


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