Friday, June 1, 2012

Exactly What does That Word Mean ?

Exactly What does That Word Mean ?

They talk about Economics, Growth, Jobs, GDP and so many other Abstract and essentially Undefined Words, like Productivity, Competitiveness, Innovation, Eduaction and so on. But exactly what do they mean by a word like Innovation or Productivity ? No one knows, or everyone defines it as they please, or it can mean anything and the contrary of anything at all and so on: no one ever says exactly What Must Grow when they talk about Sparking Growth (more car production ? more houses built? or simply higher prices for houses, which is the only thing that really grew from 2000 to 2010, etc.) and that the Southern European Countries must Grow and such. But the real reason why all of these ideas and concepts are undefined, abstract, impossible to pinpoint down (intractable, remember this word: intractable, impossible to follow) is because by using ambiguous concepts and ideas and words, you can make any kind of politics pass as correct and reasonable, you can connect any cause and effect any way you want to since no one can ever really control or follow such intractable concepts such as Education and Innovation "Creating jobs" and such.

So all of language and thoughts and concepts are full of undefined, abstract, unknown, inventions meaning mostly nothing, very questionable "Causes and Effects" that pass as "Economic Science" and such when it is all Arbitrary Power Plays and Games, and convincing the victims to believe in an Ideology that essentially hoses them and robs them: that is why they should Proudly and Bluntly ask for the only thing that really counts: Free Salaries and Cheap Rents. AMEN.

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