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I was viewing a youtube video (Time of Change, Trip) and noticing that only 1,000 people viewed it, the chunk of Information exists or existed for only 1,000 people, 1,000 Point Like, One Shot Interactions, no extension in Space or Time, only reciprocal, the collision of two chunks of matter interacting (the collision of Independent Particles (systems or minds or machines ?), independent from what ? all one or all disjoint ?), the Information Relationship that exists only outside of Space and Time (these reference systems are redundant, not needed or necessary for the Information Relationship that exists only according to itself and nothing else), nothing is fixed or constantly existing, everything is only an Instantaneous Interaction, the collision of two chunks of Information Relationships defining and existing for each other for only a fleeting moment (therefore doesn't exist, nothing exists), the end of any constant, reference system, of any External Fixed Reality, now only the Information Relationship, the Event, the Point Like, One Shot Event exists for only a fleeting moment and nothing else, no external universe, no past or future, or extension in space, the (local random ?) Information Relationship is the entire universe (for that Information Set ? nay For All), defines all, if only for a fleeting moment, etc. The instantaneous Interaction and Event defines the entire Universe, nay, all of Existence, the entire possibility of all, the totality, and then it is gone, because nothing exists, nothing exists long enough to create a fixed External Universe with a fixed Illusionary Space Time Matrix.

An entire New Physics can be developed along this line of thinking, only One Shot Events, only Reciprocal, only reciprocally defined and Interacting Chunks of Matter, only the Reciprocal Information Relationship (and all the permutations of possible delimitations, what is a unit and what is independent, what is contained in what, etc.) defining and measuring each other reciprocally and nothing else, nothing outside or inside the said Abstract, Platonic Information Relationship, information measuring and defining another chunk of Information and by doing this creating its existence, as existence is only what exists Relative to what else, as in the Observer defines the Observed Universe, and the Observed Universe defines what kind of Observer said Universe can interact with, how each can decode each other reciprocally.

As the extensions of Einstein's Relativity, you have Special Relativity, General Relativity and finally Absolute Relativity where the Universe is defined according to how any Random and Arbitrary Observer is designed and how that random design interacts with the only possible corresponding universe it can decode.

The frequency of repeating Information Relationships defining an illusionary constant existence, and the reciprocal frequencies of all other imaginary constant items adding up, creating a total reality that is only a set of frequencies of fleeting momentary events, repeated over and over and existing only in minds having memories that assign them as fixed, (but the memories can be written in one shot from the outside and you would never know).

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