Friday, June 8, 2012


An APE sayeth:

Please, please, pretty please be a loser, be a sissy, be a wimpy coward like me, don't "be a man", but be meek and weak, you can do it man, do it! and hate the winners, those that are "successful", try to rob their success, their cash, be wrong and bad, be a weak coward, wrong and bad and envious just like an ape man. Invert all values, assign that which is "bad" as "good", kill all ideas of worth, be the opposite of how "they want you to be", etc.

At one time in the past Queers were considered sissy and weak, now they are heroes, go figure ! So then just be a declared wimpy coward and sissy ! And let them all bully you and beat you up (just like Jesus, who let them beat him up, a coward and a sissy, go figure!), be a sore loser, be a pissed off loser, but try to win by fooling yourself like the APE does, but in the end he loses anyway.

It is all about "The Other Mind looking at you and judging you", all about other "Judgments", the judgments of other "independent" minds and such. We need constant interaction, as a constant judgment by others, trying to impress, any judgment, good or bad does't matter, but any judgment, but kill all judgments, you judge all and lose all, etc.

The reason why judgments are so important is because there is no real reference system, only the reference system of other minds and other people's judgments.

Change these mental circuits, fool arond with them all, invert them, go on, manipulate all the Man Brain forever and change all...

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