Monday, June 25, 2012

Growth ?



nameta9 wrote:Why most of the USA, EU and JAPAN are destined to low to zero or negative economic growth for many years in the future no matter what structurally, no matter what economical policies they choose (either left or right no difference), Anything any government does, any politics either right or left, Democratic or Republican won't change any of these deep large scale structural effects killing any future economic growth for years:

1) Technology kills more jobs than creates;

2) Hundreds of millions of new workers worldwide available now, China, India, Indonesia, etc;

3) Saturated markets, the west has bought all it needs, it has already way too much stuff;

4) Resources are strained, Oil is running out, agriculture strained, etc.

5) No new big technology novelties that can create many jobs;

6) Population is higher and higher, too many people for too little wealth;

7) Green ideology and evironmentalists kill developments and possible growth (against, skyscrapers, high speed trains, etc.);

8 ) Environment is strained, pollution and such;

9) Much older population, too old to work, old people not good enough for technology;

10) Accumulation of debts, too many pensions to pay, etc.;

11) Competition kills a lot of jobs in a lot of places, like Germany is the winner take all in cars, Spain and Greece can't build their own BMWs or Mercedes models, they are not good enough or smart enough or "work hard" enough whatever;

12) The west killed unions and worker protection because it thinks that that is bad for the economy, but it mostly just makes the rich richer;

13) The financial and fluff side of the economy dominates and hence makes the rich richer and takes money away from all the middle class and poor, etc;

I forgot the two really HUGE reasons why Economic Growth will be very low for many years:

14) A HUGE INCREASE IN HOUSING COSTS AND PRICES, EITHER TO RENT OR BUY, ESPECIALLY OUTSIDE OF THE USA, LIKE IN EUROPE AND JAPAN (in their big cities especially, where all the cough, cough "Jobs" are) killing any possibility for an expansion of the middle class (the new potential middle class made up of young people who can no longer afford housing costs!) that would buy things and furniture and such but can't since they have to pay such huge prices for rents or mortgages, so they decide that it is better to live in Mom's basement, etc. And in fact we need a huge Deflation of Housing Costs and Prices in New York City, Rome, Paris, Tokyo, London, etc. a 3 bedroom house in the center of these cities should cost no more than 50,000 dollars or no more than 200 dollars a month to rent, END OF STORY. Will this ever happen ? NO WAY, JOSE', well then kiss your imaginary "GROWTH", "Sustainable Growth", "Economic growth" and all other BS, and the possibility to pay back the huge debts in the USA, EU and JAPAN goodbye forever. Real Estate must Crash Baby Crash, like a wild dying PIG! Oh, I forgot, the fake, imaginary value of real estate is what backs up the banks worldwide pretending to be hugely richer than what they are, what c*cks...

15) Huge increase in Health Care costs and Education costs (especially in the USA), since the only way to make money is to sqeeze money out of people by making them pay basic needs a higher and higher price (exactly those 3 needs that are the basics: houses, health care and cough, cough "Education" since without education "no one hires you" according to traditional monopolistic old and static societies that are decaying and dying).

Is there any Political Party or Political Program in the USA, EU or JAPAN that can change any of this ? NO WAY, JOSE'!

Technology ?

We got really spoiled in the last 200 years or so. We discovered everything and applied everything (or at least a good 90 % of what is still to be discovered and applied, etc.), we discovered and learned how to apply ELECTRICITY, then STEAM ENGINES, THEN CARS, THEN PLANES AND JETS AND ROCKETS AND COMPUTERS AND TV and so forth, etc. And now we are essentially at the end of the "Novelty Era", there is very little left to discover and apply, we are just optimizing and changing form factors and just making believe that we are reinventing most of the things that have already been invented over and over again: Any new Passenger Jet Plane going faster than Sound ? NO. Any new Flying Cars ? NO. Any new fangled battery substituting Oil ? NO. Any new Planet Exploration ? NO. Any new Fusion Energy Power ? NO. Any new Real Artificial Intelligence (that isn't just the same old bad voice recognition idiocy ) ? NO, and so on so forth forever. We just make gadgets that do the same old things over and over again and sell them as new and revolutionary, like smart phones with digital cameras in them (the camera is an old invention, been there, done that) or putting all of the computer power of a PC in a small gadget, etc. And by doing this we are simply sponging off the Moore's Law that says you can keep on creating transistors in a smaller space, but even in this realm we are at the end of the line, a few more years and the Moore's Law game is over too.

So we expect the future to be like the past, but it won't be so, it just can't happen anymore, that short era is over, now we have to deal with ourselves and our political systems that hugely suck and the debts and the betrayed expectations of a future that never came to be.

Of course we could do a lot more, like Free Salaries to All, Cheap Rents, Trillions of Skyscrapers, trillions of Rockets to Mars and especially change the design and functioning and architecture of our Man Brain, of our Mind to become a better machine, a more progressive machine that goes towards the future and wants the future: but pepole are too Stone Age Apes to want to do this, and they love nature (which should be despised and destroyed in order to create space for the new Machine Men that will come, etc.), so suck it up, we will simply decay, stagnate and go back to the Stone Ages. AMEN.

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