Friday, June 8, 2012

Absolute or Relative ?


Absolute or Relative ?

But any Modified Mind, any new design you can draw and think up of, any new Processor, anything at all is not a "Discovery" or something "New to Know", but always just an invention, an "Art Form", something that becomes real only by assigning it as real and such: the entire process of "Scientific Discovery" is meaningless in this context, since no background reference system of invariants, of truths, of invariant "Laws of Physics" is operating anymore, there is no background, no stage, no ground state from which to measure all, etc. There is only random design and invention, all you can think up of is reality and true, it IS simply, etc.

But then any Alternate Mind is simply somehow a subset of our present Mind or Reference System or Laws of Physics: and in fact we can always and only imagine something that is always somewhat similar to us, that has at least some minimum resemblance to us, if only at least within the Principles of Identity and Non Contradiction (otherwise we couldn't even talk about it or design it or think about it, etc.), at least something that extends in Space and Time and works in some way, etc. A new Processor Design as a Mind can be as complex and weird as possible, but it is always a design, a picture, a something, an anything, it must always have at least one point of contact with us, and how our mind works, and how we can even simply contain it or delimit it, etc.

So we can see that any new design (we can think up of and invent), any New Mind will always be of a given class, always a subset of our Mind (no hierarchy necessary! we could be a subset of the New Mind, etc.) or at least within the same class of Minds as our Mind is, at least having the minimum properties of "Existence" or "Being" somewhere and somehow, etc.

So we can imagine at least two classes of Modified Minds: the first is those that we can invent and design, no matter how crazy and far out, but always having been designed by us, has something, at least if only even ONE BIT similar to us, but even one bit is enough to make it go into a class of minds that is the same of which our mind belongs to and a second class of Modified Minds that don't even have one bit similar to ours, that are totally alien to us and are totally disjoint in any way from ours, etc.

And the second class of modified minds doesn't operate (or operates randomly and weirdly and as crazily as possible ?) according to even the basic Identity Principles and the Principle of Non Contradiction, even the basic principles of "Being Somewhere" (in time or space or any other reference system ?) of even "Existing", etc. And it is probably in these minds that a real New Universe Appears and really New Laws of Physics Appear or something like that.

In short, what I am saying is that we can make up all kinds of new Mindforms we want, new Man Brains, new Processors and Observers as complex and huge and intricate and having any properties and functionalities and mechanisms, no matter how far out and complex as we want, BUT WE ARE ALWAYS USING SOME OF OUR OWN LOGIC TO DESIGN IT, TO ENVISION IT, TO CONSTRUCT IT OR DRAW IT, ETC. And the fact that we are using our own logic makes it at least connected to our world and universe at least by ONE BIT.

But there are many other New Mindforms, New Brainforms, New Brainiums that don't even have One Bit similar to us, and are even farther away from anything we can ever imagine, and those minds probably live in completely new universes and worlds (nay, they do live, we can assign the rules and laws of Reality since that is what happens when you change the very Observer of "Reality", the very "Reference System" and "Ground State of Reality" (as that is what our Mind and Man Brain is) the very STAGE OF REALITY, ETC.).

And notice, all of the above was written and thought up of using Logic and Language, etc. So of course, they are all some kind of subset of Our view and Mind, etc.

So imagine a Planet Sized Integrated Circuit with untold number of Transistors operating and creating a new Observer, imagine a Planet sized piece of paper with an untold number of wild symbols, designs, new letter and alphabets and block diagrams, incredibly elaborated, intricate and complex, the blueprint of a NEW BRAIN, the Electronic Schematic of a NEW OBSERVER and such. And design wild drawings, little symbols, little tags and designs, all kinds of curves and new letter types (like Chinese but ever more intricate and cool looking and such) and wild connections and signals, an Ocean of Wild Symbols and Signals and imagine what all those symbols and transistors and diagrams are doing, how many new Sensations and Emotions and New Realities they are Experiencing and Creating, go for it man, you can do it, First Gear, it's All Right, Second Gear Hold on Tight, Third gear You're Out of Sight, Sock it to me Baby, Cool, Sock it to Me, this is Groovy.

This is the game I should have played when I was a child, those are the drawings I should have drawn as a child...(I always drew cars, 1966 Oldsmobile Ninety Eights...).

There are no solutions to any problems no matter what, personal or social or emotional or career wise or anything at all since any state can change in a jiffy and you lose once again and have to start all over again to reach the previous "state", to win once again or any "better state", but as soon as you reached it or anything, it can always disappear all over again or get worse or change as change is the name of the game, etc.

But then, only the random detail is really Absolute, we are only detail and a quirk story (our neural network designed by our life story and history and our "Relationships" and such), or Relative is the only Absolute in a sense...


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