Monday, June 25, 2012


One Shot, something that happens just once is no longer within the realms of Science, Science means the discovery of repetitive patterns, replicable, something that can be repeated to obtain a constant result and such. But a One Shot universe is outside of Science, no repeatable pattern, no repetition etc.

A detail, a quirk, just like Evolution, Natural Evolution is outside of Science completely because it is the accumulation of millions of One Shot events, random casual detail One Shot Events, that can never again be repeated and provoked again, the single design, the one shot job and that is all. This also is not within the realms of Science anymore, it is just random detail, occurs for no reason at all, just like the Universe...

THE APE, THIS APESTER WILL SELF DESTRUCT IN TEN SECONDS (background music of Mission Impossible plays....duh duh dee dee duh duh do dah...)

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