Thursday, March 22, 2012




The entire idea of Modifying brains is to produce the same experiences of everyday life (but the goal is not everyday life, but a richer and deeper and more complete life, ever more alive, infinitely more alive, etc.) using Less Matter, ever smaller chunks of matter, ever more Energy Efficiency: you don't need all of the Matter and complexity of Machines and Cities and Earth and such to produce the experience of a living life: you probably only need a few transistors in a modified Mind in the end, and you can achieve a much deeper, longer and fuller life, by many orders of magnitude greater: you don't need so much matter, so many heavy weight entities, legs, arms, food, buildings, cars, etc. just a few small bits in a microprocessor, just a small nanocircuit using only a few atoms in the end. And imagine what could be created using trillions of atoms, entire new universes, wildly richer than ours, infinitely deeper, infinitely more real experiences, infinitely more alive, as alive as we are compared to a pebble (but are we sure the pebble is not alive ?) the new Brain is to us, and the cycle repeats trillions of times higher, etc. and such. Amplification of effects, you use less matter to perform the experience.

The entire idea of communication of transferring bits of information from one chunk of matter to another is to be sure that the 2 chunks of matter belong to the same universe, that they are similar, that they can understand each other, they want to be similar or the same, total metaphysical insecurity imposes that random chunks of matter communicate between each other, they want to know what is happening "over there", to be sure they are not missing out on something new or important or better, (or want to imitate the other chunk of matter, to see if the effects are the same in different points of space and time, but can never know) or want to tease their imagination and Mindform, Brainform trying to imagine the indirect experience occurring "over there", in that chunk that is a mirror of the source chunk, that is an imitation of a given chunk, chunks of matter (as people are chunks of matter organized in a certain way so as to seem similar or equal but can never know ?), comparison and equal, similar ? envious or happy or sad according to what happens to the reflection of a chunk of matter as the mirror image reflects ? matter wants to be the same all over the place so as to be the less independent and the less surprising ? the free will gadgets measure differences or impose differences ? the differences and non equality produce events that produce existence and meaning or does matter need unequal to define itself, to be itself, to exist, to not disappear into an oblivion of virtual existence ?

The equivalence of chunks of matter, that is why we compare each other, we imagine what the other chunk of matter experiences, imagine the experience the pebble is going through ? and the pebble imagines the experience the mountain is going through, and the "experience itself" is imagining the experience the Sun is going through as all is a Brain, a Man Brain, but not a Man, a Brainform, a Mindform, as we live in a monolithic slab of Brainium where all of the delimitations, boundaries are different modified Brains and Minds, wild contraptions with wild signals going on inside of them, wild and crazy chemicals and symbols producing wild things and signals and so on.

The laws of conservation of conflicts and contrasts, the laws of conservation of fights, the fights will always be, no matter what, you just change what the fight is "about" (and fights will always be reproduced no matter what, if you solve one conflict a new one will pop up in some other arena to compensate the solution of the past fight (just as the law of conservation of problems is always operating, no problem will ever be solved, if you solve one, a new one will pop up no matter what, etc.), to continue the fight with new variants), not the invariant that is the fight, therefore we need to hose this old clunker of a Man Brain, and design new Brainforms.
But our Man Brain uses the fights as a way to define itself, to program itself, to give it a target and tasks (to win), it needs to fight to exist.


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