Thursday, March 29, 2012

Progress Achieved

Progress Achieved

As you know in Brainium, every point in Space and Time is a Brain, a new Brainform, a new Mindform, a new design of an Observer, and every combination of points in Space and Time, every combination of items, elements, and entities, every concept, every design, no matter how disjoint is a new Brain, a new Processor, an Observer, etc. so the Mountain is a new Brain design, wildly different from ours and processing information (and undergoing an experience of existence and life and living, a new Lifeform a new Consciousnessform and experience of life and such so wildly and incredibly different from ours, trillions of times "Higher" and "More Advanced" and "Better" than ours and such) in a very wildly and completely different way from our Old Klunker of a Stone Age APE MAN BRAIN. So imagine what the car over there is as a Brain as an entity experiencing a lifeform and existence and consciousness: and imagine what the pebbles, and the ocean wave over there is as a new brain design and such, and imagine all the combination of material items and designs, all wild contraptions and such, a chunk of a highway, a chunk of a Stop Sign and a chunk of Food and a chunk of a Skyscraper and a chunk of a car dashboard and a wristwatch and such all mixed together to create a completely new and better and wild and interesting Brain Design, a new Brainform, a new form of Man Brain (maybe using other designs as signals as emotion subsystems, as circuits or neural networks, as thought machines, as the arguments of the functions as the Variants of the instantaneous Invariant a new Man Brain Design is and such), but actually of the Overman, as it is something that completely overcomes our puny one transistor circuit mind based on our puny Identity Principle and non Contradiction Principles and such.

But now, each brain decides to modify each other brain, each contraption decides to stick wild chemicals and signals into the other contraption and that other contraption becomes a new brain and that brain decides to modify the other brain so A modifies B, but then B modifies A and so on in an infinite loop, so the original universe from which A came from is lost forever, all reference points are lost forever now they are brainforms modifying each other reciprocally and recursively forever getting further and further away from the original universe, the memory of the past is gone forever and such, and then all of the points of Brainium are doing the same thing to all other points: the entire Monolithic Slab of Matter defined and delimited as Brainium self modifies itself recursively, ever faster and forever reaching infinitely higher levels of existence all stable infinite points, all achieved, all higher, and ever more metaphysical denotations and abstractions becoming real and such forever, all symbols upon symbols upon others all mixed, all experiments of all combinations forever 10^10^10000 (exponents of exponents, numbers so large you couldn't fit them in the universe) new combinations each one infinitely further away from the previous and such.

So the entire idea of Absolutes falls apart in a jiffy: you just need to instantly change the wiring of our Man Brain instantly, just shove new circuits inside the Brain, just open the brain, mix it all up and close it, and you get the Instant Singularity, you don't need Science or Reasoning, or the Evolution of something gradually leading to a Smarter and Deeper brain as in the Traditional Singularity that thought that Computers would reach a point of designing ever smarter computers into a singularity point, you just need to instantly and wildly experiment inside the Man Brain (as crazy as possible, be as illogical and contradictory and wrong as possible, invent the most impossible causes and effects just for fun (lie like crazy), like shoving a V8 engine in the Man Brain making it become a new Experiencing contraption, and then explain how it works later, make up all kinds of imaginary and fake and make believe mechanisms to justify the insanity, and then who cares if the Man Brain simply dies in the process, the goal is (was) very ambitious anyways, it justifies all and any experiments) chaotically and randomly inserting and mixing and changing the neural circuits inside it to reach a new experience and universe, etc.


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