Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Solid State Time


Since Matter is a variable, all of the significance and meaning superimposed upon it and the chunks of Matter and bits of information as such delimited (the lines drawn upon Matter to define Inside and Outside (as in Observer and "External World" ?), Belong and Part of or Separate From, etc.) belong to an abstract, platonic, metaphysical world. Case in point: draw a line from any point A to any point B you see and imagine that as a sequence of events that Matter went through in order to transform itself from A to B, and all of the intermediate steps of the chunks of Matter in between them are a momentary picture in time of Matter as configured in a sequence of steps in history, you are looking at the Solid State of Time Achieved, the history as expressed by condensing and solidifying it into Matter (time is no longer intractable, it is no longer that invisible and impossible moment separating past from future and as such appearing as not existing at all and such), so if you draw the line from a car (A) to a tree (B) and look at the path Matter traverses to go from A to B, each picture is a moment in time of History of that specific "World Line". And that history may appear as a "lifetime" for a chunk of Matter assigned as a new Man Brain (as in Brainium: all and anything is a new Modified Brainform) for the pebble on the corner of the street and such (if your Man Brain is the car, what is the tree and the pebble, or if the car is your life, what is the mountain and all kinds of reciprocal disjoint relationships ? invent them, assign them, make it all up). And so all of the permutations, all of the configurations and combinations, all of the possible denotations and projections of meanings and associations and relationships of all kinds of items to all kinds of other items can be expressed and achieved and assigned (as in a writing system as so many Memory Write Operations (and as you write a memory location, you also erase the previous contents, so you lose the past and the trace of the past by expressing a new present which is also the past and the future and such)), and all mixed, some being Brainforms, some being Solidified Time, some being Lifetimes and lives, some being invariants and some being operators upon the invariants (as the car is a signal for the tree which is a processor and such), and the functions and arguments change place and become recursive, and histories become Brainforms, and Brainforms become themselves histories and events, and subjects, interactions and experiences and such. And each picture can be a past or future event compared to any other picture, and they can cycle through to create "Repetitive Patterns" that scientists love to "Discover" and such.

And you can imagine a stretching of the Matter from Car to Tree being performed gradually or in a choppy and random way and any other assigned history of events that you want, and any other number of distinct pictures that Matter must transit through to get from A to B, even all of the items in the universe or just 3 items repeated a trillion times and any other idea, as wild as possible. And all of the events and pictures can be assigned as a Brainform itself or as an emotion or memory slot of another new Mindform, or can be assigned an experience, or a language, or can be even simply one letter of a very complex and huge language form of new Brainforms and such.

Be wild, be colorful, you can do it man, just do it. First Gear its All Right, Second Gear Hold On Tight, Third Gear You're Out of Sight...


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