Friday, March 23, 2012

The Task

The Task

A function, an activity gives a path to success, to express a will power, any activity is a win, no matter what (just as people walk the dog, they express their will power, their task, their goal, their input -> manipulation -> output target achieved), any event is a success achieved, even no event, anything that reflects the minds intention into a sequence of physical activities as the Mind over Matter relationship is expressed and this is the goal of all and any interaction, as all interactions are equivalent independent of the pain/pleasure circuits, although the pain/pleasure circuits gives us a predetermined path to follow and such.

When we communicate, we are communicating with an imaginary Reaction Machine made up of the sum of all of the past reactions of that machine (the Man Brain you are talking to, the person which is just a chunk of Mass Energy solidified into Matter and pretending to be stable), we are in Reaction Expectation Mode made up of the circuits and neural networks of the person you are talking to, you are talking to a circuit that gives you a glimpse into what circuits are activated in the opposing party's circuits, in the similar but different chunk of matter the other person is, in the attempt at making believe that the two chunks are similar but are really different but they are equal, but the communication is attempting to establish how similar and equal or different, how independent another chunk of matter containing a will power gadget is from you and such. The next interaction with a person is always a guess and experiment if some circuits will or will not be activated, but if we are only interested in the information the other person emits, then at what point is their material substance even important ? Pure virtual relationships and such is all we need : we are simply a block of text connected to circuits and memories of potential reactions.

Just as a number unifies all of the entities in the universe, a number creates a pure monolithic slab of delimited Information from its surrounding environment, so do words, sentences, blocks of texts, communications, bits and such. Since anything can be a number and can be connected to a number, and all numbers connect all of the disjoint items that it can express, so do texts, language and thought that is a pure monolithic slab of metaphysical and platonic properties of nothing at all since it is outside of Matter (and thoughts are simply a sequence of symbols, hence a sequence of numbers or just One Single Big Number and such), so do thoughts and expressions of relationships and measurements and logic and numbers and symbols and sequence of symbols and thus sentences, blocks of texts and thought etc. There is nothing at all, just a substrate of Mass Energy ready to be molded into anything a free will agent desires, etc. and such.

So 3 cars and 3 doors and 3 stars and 3 mountains are all connected by 3, and the number 3 solidifies and produces a single pure monolithic slab of contradictory entity (the doors and stars and mountains are merged into a pure entity expressed by 3, it finally gives them meaning and existence, they can only exist if they are numbers, if they are everything else they are not as all numbers merge all items into themselves and into all other items), as an item cannot be a star and a door at the same time but numbers do exactly this, they unify everything to everything and express them all as numbers. And the number has no extension in Space and no existence in Time as it is Timeless, Eternal, Outside of the Universe, it is an entity that is outside of the universe looking into it, and being used by the universe to connect itself to all of its various parts.

And just as numbers connect all things together into the same item, so does thought and language and blocks of texts and bits and Information Relationships expressed by Mindforms which are themselves outside of the universe and such. So if everything is outside of the universe, what is inside it ? a void universe where only numbers exist and express themselves as thought and logic and language and bits and blocks of texts are themselves just numbers and all separate minds are really all one mind that is talking to itself, separate instances of itself, it creates imaginary separate people and minds, and the boundaries between them are produced by the free will gadgets, the sea of free wills are the reference system where the single mind(s) is talking to itself by creating independent parts through the free will points in the monolithic slab of pure mind made up of multiple minds and such.


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