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Memory Write Operation

Memory Write Operation


fuse wrote:nameta9,

No one or nothing is Keeping Score
Well I think that's false. I'm not sure what you mean by Keeping Score, but I think it would fall under seeing meaning in things - something we can't help but do all the time.

Your subjectivity, nay, memory degrades and disappears also
Of course, but one can look upon his life as connected to the world and those around him and as having an a/effect on the progression of the world, on the future.

So it is as if you never were, and in fact you or me or anything or anyone never was, never is and never will be
That depends on your perspective. IF you want to marginalize the meaning of your life, or of anything, you're free to do so. The meaning of anything is always only the result of how someone perceives it.

The past exists in so far as it creates a specific combination of elements in the present (and memories in people and other very specific one time configurations of atoms, signals, events etc.: in other words, the exact specific present state of things could never be exactly what they are if all of the past events and interactions did not lead up to this specific, very specific, single, unique combination of Mass Energy state and as such the configuration solidifies and crystallizes all of the past transitions Mass Energy underwent, all of the specific pictures it appeared in sequentially, all past events into one specific configuration of Mass Energy: time is solidified into one picture, all of the past is present in one picture, a bit like a very long calculation on a computer ends up with a single number as a result, and that number contains and sums up all of the past calculation events leading to it, but the number also erases all of the single steps, you can reach the same number through an infinite amount of different sequences of calculations, but the memories in people's minds, the synchronization of the memories in all people's minds, even if partially and vague identify an imagined common past and an imagined precise sequence of pictures leading to the present), and the future is the next sequence Mass Energy will transit to, time is solidified in the present picture of Mass Energy, both past and future are simply memory chunks, recorded memory chunks of past events, and the starting points of all future events, the combination of pebbles on the road are the exact memory of all of the events that lead to it, but you don't know where in time each event occurred, like a number could have been obtained through any measurement or calculation but you don't know which one.

But since any configuration of Mass Energy can be transformed and converted into any other configuration of Mass Energy through any number of intermediate steps, through any paths, then past and future can be switched, anything can be the past or the future compared to anything else through any number of steps, through any number of intermediate configurations of Mass Energy, the combination of pebbles on the street could have come from a car that was transformed into that combination through trillions of intermediate steps with some step being the house on the other side of the road, another step being a person, and so on. So the past of the pebbles is the car, or another "world line" could have navigated through a history where the past of the car was the pebbles, etc. And in each step, the details of the intermediate steps that lead to the step, the memory of what happened is erased and only the final result remains, or much of the memory is erased and only some chunks and random bits and pieces of what happened remains, etc. And human memories also can be changed, even intentionally to falsify a past, but if the past is only a configuration of bits anyways, what exactly is being "falsified" ? what difference does it make what "really" happened or not ? It is all just a number that has been obtained through a long calculation, any other long chain of events and calculations can lead to the same number, so making believe the number came from sequence A instead of the "real"(?) sequence B makes no difference: this is the true death of TRUE and FALSE structurally, this is the condensation of all TIME into MATTER once and for all, etc.

The laws of physics in a sense impose only certain paths to be navigated, given a certain configuration of Matter, the laws of physics will impose a very precise and specific and unique next configuration as in extreme determinism, as a prison where Matter can only follow a certain path, etc. But since the initial state of each particle is infinitely precise, and any slight change in initial conditions and positions can completely change all the subsequent transitions Matter follows, and especially the acts of Free Will agents (but are these simply interacting chunks of matter guided by blind forces or are "Will Powers" abstract metaphysical entities operating from outside of the universe, from the outside looking in ? does it make any difference ?) imposing their choices on Matter such as Man Brains deciding to FORCE certain transitions no matter what, then any new "world line" can be achieved and forced and obtained, any world can be made, all memories in all reciprocating Man Brains interacting and synchronizing their knowledge through their memories can be assigned and any past history becomes real and true, any simulations can be forced and imposed and especially with modified new Man Brains having wildly new neural circuits all is possible, and especially with Brains in a Vat and such, etc.

And all new configurations of Matter and Mass Energy always represent the erasing of memories, the trace of past events, the funeral of "what happened" and what was as in the theory that the entire universe is a cemetery of past configurations (or one gigantic memory always changing contents, erasing, reading and writing bits), and the creation of new memories that are simply destined to be erased once again, the cycle repeats, creation and destruction, life and death, (or we must kill the past to be born again, kill to live, kill old memories to create new ones, kill old life to create new ones ? kill yourself to free yourself, kill to be free ? kill and destroy configurations and any new configuration is a new life, no matter how incoherent ? a blown up house in a billion pieces is a new house ? a blown up person in a billion pieces is a new person ?, yes, freedom is destruction, we create new value by destroying all) etc. no "world line", history, no life has any greater value compared to any other, they are all equivalent and null or infinite according to how you want to assign them arbitrarily, and especially, you can arbitrarily assign TRUE and FALSE and past histories and future histories (as you design an entire universe with past present and future from the outset, you just make it up and it is always true anyways, as true and false are meaningless concepts).

Or I wanted to say something like that, not sure if that is what I think I thought and imagined to think, the concepts all rotate around time condensed into a configuration and as such time does exist as it is completely present in all things, but so is the future and such, and you can modify and assign your memories from outside and change the past, and actually even change the universe, your past, your world (who you were, who you are ?), or even your present world, and hence travel into new lives by changing your memories and neural circuits and such, time travel and space travel achieved (as in the Box of Matter theory, as in time travel and space travel is simply the act of assigning a memory slot a certain configuration, a Memory Write Operation, end of story), you name it, etc..


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