Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Real Estate as a Weapon







[quote]On the debts myth, remember money is a place holder, is a proxy for human relationships, there are no debts and there is no such thing as money, money can't run out just like human relationships can't run out, that is why they can "restructure the debts" aka "we can invent and do anything we want", etc.[/quote]

Also, consider Real Estate, Houses, Buildings, Offices etc. as Money. That is why the Chinese keep on building high rises and apartments etc. and why the USA and the EU have too many empty homes, built too many homes: to create a bank for money under the forms of Square Meters (or Feet) of living space in Constructions, since this is a primary necessity, you can use Real Estate and Houses as a Weapon, you can hike up the prices and punish the lower classes by making them pay more and more for something that should be virtually free to all today considering that housing is a standard and consolidated technology, etc. So Houses and Buildings is the Solidification of Money in Concrete Structures; instead of having the money sit in Banks, you use it as a weapon.
Actually Money is used as a Weapon to Squeeze the Poor through Real Estate prices as in High Rents and High Housing Prices.

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