Friday, March 23, 2012



Like when a love one dies, you feel pain, but only because it is a denotation, an Information Structure and Memory Structure of the Mindform of a Man Brain where the real physical pain/pleasure circuits are gradually substituted with virtual, imaginary, cultural pain/pleasure circuits (and what others imagine and what you think they think of you and what you think their judgements are of you and what the importance of the arbitrary judgments are to you as another denotation, indirection, invention of the Man Brain to torture itself, to always put itself in conditioning "Objective" and "Independent" circuits when it could easily choose to be completely free and BE ITS OWN BOSS), you live the imaginary loss or pain of the Other Mind and other Man Brain as if it were real physical pain and your own (you project on to the other as if it were yourself, but in a sense, it is even more than yourself, the denotation makes it even more real as it is even more virtual and abstract, like what a parent feels for his son and such) when in reality it doesn't exist, if only in our complex cultural construction of reality. In other words, the less dependent and the less real physical direct pain/pleasure signals and impulses affect us and condition us, put us in automatic action - reaction circuits, the more important and elaborate and complex and indirect and social/cultural, theoretical, the more elaborate the thought condensations and thought structures justifying and defining what is pain/pleasure and good/bad and a win/lose we are subject to. The laws of conservation of pain/pleasure: the less real pain/pleasure impulses the Man Brain is subject to, the more indirect cultural pain/pleasure circuits are activated (invented and created, associated and such) by the Man Brain, the more we need to win and if we don't win the more pain, but it is only imaginary concepts and items. Your team lost the game, you cry, but it is only a few bits, who could care less ? And now repeat and apply that concept to all, even the deepest and most important of all, of course you become "No Longer Human" this way, you become a New Man Brain if even only very slightly. Or maybe sometimes an informational loss can imply a real pain/pleasure, but after a long time and very indirectly and such: you lose your job, you have no heating and a warm house after some time and such.

And as a corollary, this explains all the attempts at influencing what others think of us, their judgments (we want to make them happy and provoke a good judgment of us in their minds, but their minds will forever be an unknown no matter what they say, etc.) we think others think of us, what they imagine about us, we want to know the truth of their intimate judgments and feelings towards us, but that truth is irrelevant and arbitrary, but we are slaves to fixed Instinct Circuits.


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