Monday, March 12, 2012

Work Paradox ?


Work Paradox ?

In what sense does a healthy economy "Generate Jobs" ? What does that mean ? If the workforce presently employed in any nation is working effectively, is actually producing something, is achieving a "Result", a "Product", is "Solving a Problem", is "Improving a Process", is "Increasing the Amount of Goods (and Services ? But isn't "More Services" a Negative Production ? who needs More Services ? the less Services we Have to Deal With The Better, Right ?)", is "Continually Educating and Improving the Know How and Innovation and Whatever of a Society", well how does that translate into More New jobs ? As in More New Jobs are needed, or changed, or whatever.

But if more Jobs are needed or if they are substituted with other jobs but the result is "More Jobs", then doesn't that mean that all of the previous work effectively Produced A Big Fat ZERO ? Obviously there is great confusion amongst economists to what they actually mean by the words "More Productivity" and "Increasing Production and Economic Growth" and such.

A really healthy economy would tend to generate fewer and fewer Jobs as it would need fewer and fewer jobs to satisfy all of its needs. It would actually be Innovating and Producing more as in "Higher Productivity" with less input (but the economist got this thing all upside down: they say More Jobs are Created if Productivity is Increased, a real Paradox, totally absurd and total Nonsense, but economists and their buddies can chant all the nonsense they want, nobody will ever challenge their "Wisdom": but maybe what they really want to say is if more output is generated by fewer workers producing more and more efficiently than they can freely hire a lot of other workers to just goof around and put on the show that they are creating more jobs and such...).

The only possible solution to this Paradox is that, of the 100 million Americans working, a very large part of them are not producing anything at all and are mostly breaking things up, producing Negative Production, Creating More Problems to Solve than Solving Any Problems and such. In a sense they are not Producing but Destroying only to rebuild it all over again and destroy it all over again and such.

A Technological Economy naturally tends towards decreasing the amount of labor needed structurally, from the outset because it is applying Economies of Scales, Computers, Optimizations, it is applying Know How and Research and Innovation to get more bang for the buck so to say, to get more output with fewer inputs therefore generating more profits for the ruling class: and in fact the US corporations are sitting on hundreds of billions of dollars in profits, not even knowing what they can do with all of that cash anymore since the Technological Economy is mostly crashing the Mental Computer Programs of a Civilization that was used to scarcity and the necessity to work in very low productivity endeavors (like agriculture and such) for centuries and simply cannot come to grips with the fact that work will increasingly No Longer Be Needed, and will be needed less and less.

But alas, this Civilization will do everything it can to keep on making believe it needs so much work: it will invent a never ending array of Fake Tasks that must be Done, Fake Work and Jobs, it will create jobs that are dependent only on the will powers of people deciding they need any capricious quirk just because, for no reason at all, it will create so many useless local tasks that exist only in virtue of given Status Relationships and Power Relationships between actors, not dependent on any real necessities, but just on fun and games where some workers will feel forced to work useless tasks for hours on end (it reminds me of a corporation that recently laid off hundreds of workers and they all said they were working many overtime hours and had so much work to do and so much pressure only to find out the next day that the entire corporation was a failed entity (or just changed their plans or whatever) and laid them all off in a jiffy, as if all of that "hard work" was a show, a make believe, a make believe where the workers really thought that they had all of this "Hard Work" to do (and they did, locally, they did within the boundaries of their very small local world, but only because they couldn't see the bigger picture, or better, the bigger picture didn't even exist, the entire organization was hanging on a very thin thread of some powerful person's quirk Will Power, Power at its Purest so to say).

This Stone Age Civilization will do everything it can to keep on making believe it needs so much work: it will create all kinds of reciprocal struggles between actors and corporations (aka Competition), it will constantly change the rules of the games, the laws, the new gadgets needed to simply make a phone call (if you don't make the phone call with the latest iphone you simply won't be able to make a phone call and such), it will increase conflictuality in all possible endeavors, a never ending array of "Choices" and "Contrasting Positions" on anything anyone wants to produce or create, an army of lawyers and an Internet full of Political and Ideological debates of all against all on all issues in a never ending waste of resources to produce nothing at all.

We need to get rid of this Stone Age system and hand out Free Salaries to All, Cheap Rents, Build Millions of Rockets to Mars and Millions of Skyscrapers, we need to build Millions of High Speed Trains across the planet, we need to achieve and exploit all of the Resources of the Solar System, etc. Also get rid of the Environmentalists, Tree Huggers and Greens, Use Nature as Tool, it is ours to use, get rid of all of the Resource Scarcity Myths and Such...



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