Friday, March 16, 2012

The End of All Wars

The End of All Wars


"i think humans (collectively) will define a computer that can think more humanely than any one human (every human)

and when this computer is powered on, comes the wars"

Exactly the contrary: there will be no more Wars, the entire idea of conflicts and fights will be the very first thing that will disappear as soon as Computers and new Man Brain contraptions are designed (and connected with new neural circuits and new microprocessors connected to neural circuits and such) that no longer will be under the dictatorship of "Human Nature", the new Modified Brains will KILL HUMAN NATURE ONCE AND FOR ALL AND BECOME SOMETHING ELSE, IT WILL LEAVE BEHIND THIS STONE AGE CONTRAPTION.

Wars as conflict is only due to a very insignificant small Free Will Gadget present in the Man Brains that make it want to conflict and fight other Man Brains: but by creating and modifying Man Brains, we will disconnect this stupid puny circuit that renders all of our life, meaning  and interactions, everything we do defined in the reference system of A  against B, A wins and B loses, etc. As if something doesn't even have any meaning and doesn't even exist if it is not defined according to what it is "Against" or to what it is "Different From" (as differences and hence inequalities are reference systems we use to measure the value (and importance, and goals and tasks, and desires, and modifications we want to perform, etc.) to measure entities in our relational world and such), if it doesn't tease the "Identity Principle" and the principle of "Non Contradiction" (since if you couldn't establish what is the same or different, and if you couldn't solidify an item as being something and not something else, A is A and not B, they couldn't fight, since by "being different" they can be compared to each other, but especially, they can fight, they can be used as proxy for conflicts and in essence Interactions, as Interactions and Events between entities are essentially only fights, only Comparisons and Measurements and Judgments, hence Assignments of Value, and as such confrontations, fights, who wins and who loses).

But newly designed brains will overcome this stupid, puny one transistor circuit, this one bit universe, we will overcome "Human Nature" totally and become something else, and interact and enter a completely New Universe, with New Laws of Physics and new forms of Interactions and Information Relationships and such.

We will become Pure Metaphysical Machines reaching ever higher States of Existence and such, we will create the most complex and incredible new States of Existence with new Mind Brains performing New Experiences of Consciousness, New Emotional Contraptions and Sense Organs and Mental Connections and Memory Organizations, the Sky is the Limit...

And in fact even the Pain/pleasure circuits will be eliminated and disconnected, all is tied into this Good/Bad circuit which is a corollary of the A against B circuit. We need to hose these circuits, we need to overcome our very nature, we need to overcome all, maybe this is what Nietzsche was talking about when he talked about the "Overman" and "The New Man" ....


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