Friday, March 16, 2012

We Are Always Dead

We Are Always Dead

Since we are an instantaneous combination of bits perceiving a given state, and we perceive a sequence of states and we only ever remember our life as we compare each state to the configurations we organized in our memory but as such life is only a new combination, a further configuration to put in memory, a further interaction, but since the possible combinations are at least more than 10^10000 obviously we will never visit most of the possible combinations and as such we will never live those configurations ( as those configurations are tied into our intentionalities and will powers to reach them, our targets and our comparison of an imagined or desired new combination as related to the old ones already present in memory ), live through those experiences and as such we are effectively dead as compared to most of the combinations, so we are always dead even because we are only and ever mostly a memory access machine remembering an imagined life, as such a comparison machine comparing a new configuration with a previous one and perceiving a relative experience and setting up new targets of which only a very few will ever be reached given the combinational explosion of possibilities the Man Brain with all of its neurons and circuits and events and signals can undergo and such (not to mention all the possible Modified and Newly Designed Man Brains living a much Deeper and Alive Life).

So we live only one picture at a time, why change the picture then ? how many pictures do we need ? how many lives do we need to live ? how many sequence of experiences are enough ? or are we simply an action reaction circuit (and other Man Brains are mirrors reciprocally perceiving, so how many mirrors can be put in the Box of Matter and how many possible delimitations can be assigned as mirrors and objects, subjects and objects, Observers and Invariants plug into the equations of the Observers?)? But we are mostly dead, nay, ALWAYS DEAD, we will never visit all of the combinations, and even if we did visit all of them what difference would it make as any combination of Mass Energy and any configuration of Matter set up in the Box of Matter are all equivalent, all dead compared to the previous or next configuration, just cycle through all of them, but still, we are always dead...


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