Friday, March 16, 2012

Impossible World

Impossible World

The probability of anything happening or being is ZERO. Because if you multiply the probability of event A happening, no matter how probable, times the next interacting event B and so on to the final resulting event F it will always be equal to zero as the limit of multiplying fractions tends towards ZERO as the events increase and the number of subsequent events increase: but the subsequent events happening in even a microsecond is very large since there are more than 10^30 time slots in which each event occurs in a microsecond etc. So for example the probability that a given car accident happens is given by the probability of the exact time a person exits his house multiplied the probability that the other car driver exits his house at an exact time multiplied the number of stop lights and the probability that each light lasts a given times and so on such that the reciprocal events add up (and their probabilities multiply up) and provoke the accident. Another example is the probability of you being born is the probability of your parents meeting in an exact time slot multiplied all the subsequent events happening such that you get born, etc. As a corollary, the probability of the First Living Cell occurring is also ZERO since it would be all the subsequent chemical events leading up to a working cell and such, so the Intelligent Design vs Science debate is useless and they are both saying the same thing, they are the same: Life occurred through a ONE SHOT MIRACLE EITHER WAY.

So given that the probability of anything at all is ZERO, nothing needs to be explained, all is explained, all just happened, is just a random quirk, so Science is defeated from the outset, there is no Science, there is no need to explain something that just happens, determinism is defeated structurally. The repetitive patterns Science discovers and Technology uses constantly are just dumb luck: they can disappear in a jiffy, structurally, they are a joke on us, they are teasing us and just waiting to contradict our expectations when you least expect it, The Laws of Physics Are Clowns.

But an interesting thing happens: each event connects present separate chunks of matter into an original single chunk of matter (or everything is connected to everything else since they were once all part of the Monolithic Metaphysical Particle provoking the Big Bang, or is it that each encounter of particles, each event is a Big Bang ?), everything is a circuit where various chunks of matter meet in various moments in the past, like a tree, all of the branches end up at a root. But there are also cross connections and anything can be connected to anything else, but separated by distance and speed, but most likely not separated at all in hidden parallel dimensions or completely disjoint in other hidden dimensions but most importantly related in anyway at all through completely new variables - abstract concepts and words - properties representing completely new Reciprocal Information Relationships between various chunks of matter, particles, random delimitations, combinations of chunks of matter and such. So the configuration of matter in the Box of Matter can also be seen as a given result of past cross connections, a network of events connecting various random chunks of matter making believe that they are repetitive patterns when they are just a picture, a random picture: and the connections can go in the opposite direction from a single item to many separate items and then connecting to others that come from other past single items and such, everything is connected to everything else (if even potentially) but also everything is disconnected from everything else and such...History is a picture, the events are solidified in a Crystal - Pure Monolithic Slab of Solid State Information Relationships: they are Frozen in place...


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