Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Human Nature ?



Human Nature ?

So if "Work" is the "Effort to Solve Problems", is the sequence of Informational and/or Physical manipulations necessary to reach a Result, to transform a situation, to achieve a Target, to navigate from a Starting Point Configuration (of Mass Energy ? of People ? Of Status and Power Relationships between People ? Of Energy Expenditures and Configurations and such ? of Matter Organized in Products ? Of the production of Products from some chunks of matter ? or the production of Steady State Repetitive Processes as in "Services", or the repetition of Processes over and over again with slight differences, with new "clients" as in Health Care and Education and such ?) to an End Point Target Result Configuration, how many work events are necessary for a society as a whole ? How much work is really necessary to reach the Targets ?

But are the Targets always Moving Targets and new invented necessities (after all, Education is a never ending endeavor, there is never enough that everyone must know, you can force them to learn an entire Encyclopedia (as in training (the "training myth") the new unemployed for the new "Future Jobs" ?) and it still would never end, and the same with Health Care, there is never enough Physical Perfection achieved by the body, you can always keep on solving ever new sicknesses, nay, provoking ever new sicknesses with new drugs and solving those sicknesses by other new drugs creating ever new sicknesses, ever new tests, ever new "Psychological Sicknesses" (and here the sky is the limit as anything can be considered a deep Mental Sickness (actually our entire Civilization is one Huge Mental Sickness)) and such) ? Is that what is really behind all of the Information Economy and Services Economy ? A way to keep on creating new goals and targets and manipulations in order to keep people employed ? to Invent Work that is not really necessary, but must be created in order to distribute the free wealth the Technological Economy generates automatically but can't give away freely as that would imply that "You Don't Have to Deserve it Anymore", now it is all a "Free Lunch", the entire concept of work and the status and social relationships that have been built upon it would get demolished, would imply a much deeper Crisis in our Stone Age Civilization, people would all go through an Identity Crisis as work is our Identity, it would also mean that all the work you achieved up to now was not really necessary, a trick, a make believe, a show, just a quirk as imposed by power relationships and such, etc.

The targets as real necessities to be achieved such as the most simple and basic needs such as Housing, Energy creation, some services, some products, some other items, etc. are not very many all said and done and can be performed today with very few people needed "to work" and very efficiently; if the real goal is only the basic targets you need very few people working. In fact our Technological Economy is all about Excess Capacity, we can do too much compared to what must be done, we are oversized as in an oversized workforce, an oversized technology and capability compared to those few basic puny needs we have, that is the basis of having built "Too Many Houses", having too many products, etc.

How can we really need 100 million workers in the USA working everyday 8 hours a day busy producing informational and physical manipulations to achieve so many goals ? how much time wasted is there really ? how much redundancy ? how much make believe ? how much is a show ? I fanthom quite a lot.

The entire point is that if work is the solution to problems, then work would naturally keep on decreasing as we optimize and perfect the solution to problems we achieve, it would be less needed: and the real kicker in all of this is especially all of the emphasis put on Innovation, Research and Technology, which is exactly there to reduce all kinds of work, to reduce the necessity of new work and labor, not to create "New Jobs". The success of the present and past work being performed is measured exactly in how much future work will not be needed anymore. The more people are working effectively and productively (as in Higher Productivity) the less future work will be needed as that is the goal of work: to eliminate itself, to need less of it, to solve problems ever better and once and for all so to say, etc. If work is the solution to problems then the more work performed the more problems are solved and the fewer problems are left to solve, the less work there is needed in the future, and the more work performed day to day and each day the less work will be needed in the future as more and more problems are solved once and for all and such, etc. Of course what is operating is so many people are creating new (or old and repeated over and over again just because, for fun, because they are bored, in fact boredom is what our Civilization is all about) temporary problems that must be solved therefore creating temporary work events by opposing their will powers and changing rules and choices and plans and such so as to never solve the problems "once and for all", to never achieve a state of "Accumulation of Effort" as in something that adds up, the effort of so many workers that add up and accumulate in a result (a global collective result from a collective effort such as Rockets and Skyscrapers and such).

That is why there are too many empty homes in the US (15 million ?) they did work "too much", they did a good job after all and they got the same problem in a very different society and culture and such as is Spain and Europe in general: they too have too many homes built, too many empty homes, they "worked too much" and now it is all working against them.

But this is because our Man Brain is based on all of its stone age mentalities of "Hard Work", "You Have to Deserve It", you must achieve, and especially the worshiping of Inequality, each Man Brain wants to feel Superior or Better or Deserving more compared to another, and Man Brain loves to fight, loves to express themselves, loves to Compete to see who is better ad worse, who is the Winner and who is the Loser and such.

But we must radically change "Human Nature" by changing the design of the Man Brain. The excuse that it is "Human Nature" and that justifies it all is over now: it won't work anymore, now we are advanced enough to hose this Stone Age Mentality of Human Nature, in fact we will design new Man Brains that overcome all of this, by direct manipulation of the neural circuits, crack open skulls, put new microprocessors in them that eliminate the Free Will gadgets and that obey my commands of building millions of Rockets and Skyscrapers and such, I want that, like a cry baby I want that and all humanity becomes my tool, only my Free Will, only One Free Will is allowed to command 7 billion machines and such. By the way, the hippies wanted to achieve this state of overcoming our Stone Age Man Brain by trying to change the culture and values of small groups of people (and also some religious sects and communists and such) but have always failed because the Stone Age Man Brain is hardwired to fight and compete and express their puny Free Wills against other Free Wills and such and it is this circuit that must be disconnected.

Change Human Nature by changing the Man Brain. Our goal is to change Human Nature: it is not a given, it is not an invariant, it can be changed and we can throw away this Stone Age contraption, (just like the Christians always say Man is a Sinner, well he won't be a sinner anymore because we will change the way the Man Brain operates). And in fact it is called Human "Nature", exactly Nature must be hated and killed, kill Nature, there is nothing valuable about Nature, hate Nature with all of your guts, get Nature on the run real fast.


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