Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Information Creates Problems

There are no solutions, end of story.


Information Creates Problems

The Information is the Problem, Creates Problems. If you don't know anything, everything is fine, you don't have anything to compare to, but if you have information you start comparing things, and wanting more or different or seeing the relationships you otherwise were oblivious to and such. So information create instability, desires, tasks and goals and conflicts and desire to change and modify and act and fight or anything else based on the new information, the new facts or events that you now know and receive (and you now know who is winning and gaining and who is losing and such, who is the winner or who has the upper hand and you want them to not have the upper hand anymore and such). But in the end, you just have ever more problems, ever more failed goals, ever more frustrated desires or you take sides on ever more affairs (and issues, political issues and such, and thinking about, getting mad and angry and such and trying to figure how how "to solve the problems the new information set up in your mind" as the information generates thoughts and work for your mind (the Information Generates our Work, Generates Work and such), ever more work and problems and anger and debates and conflicts, the whole bag of crap and such) hoping your side wins and such, ever more fights ever more anything, when you were fine before you got the information and such. And in fact the "Information Economy" should more correctly be called the "Problem Economy" as ever more new problems, desires, goals and task are generated by ever new information, ever more changes, as information provokes changes, and choices and fights and so on.

But it is said that some information maybe avoid future pain if you know something, if you avoid something and such, but in the end it is always vain, you will end up in pain or defeated always by something else and such, there is the law of conservation of pain, or problems, nay, even the law of conservation of information in that more information is just the old information dressed up with a different dress and provoking the same old ever new problems, goals, tasks or whatever (the new information is just a new instance of the same basic Information Relationship all information has, a one bit universe, A against B, A different from B, convert A to B, set the target B starting from A and execute the steps to reach B and such). For example you know that a road is dangerous to travel you avoid it, but by traveling the new road you end up randomly getting a flat tire but you try to change the tire and then another car runs you over: if you traveled the old road you wouldn't have gone to the hospital and such: but of course the entire idea of predicting and guessing the right events that you will be subject to is impossible because the events don't exist until they occur and since not even god, history or the laws of physics know the next state of the entire system of Matter - Mass energy the entire universe will transit to, the entire idea of avoiding pain is a falied goal, a failed endeavor. Of course you can try to avoid the most obvious mistakes, but even in that case, you never know and such.

Hence we must get rid of all information, kill information, we don't need to know anything, the less we know the better off we are and such. The less we know the more advanced we are, the more we know in a sense, the more we have won and have achieved and such, and in fact totally dead items don't know anything and are totally stable and satisfied.


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