Thursday, March 8, 2012

Infinite Reductionism ?

Infinite Reductionism ?

Maybe consciousness and the Mind, Brain, the Man Brain is based on something completely different from what our Scientific Models suppose: maybe the levels of reductionism explaining "how things work" are really infinite, the Causes and Effects, the Information Relationship Interactions within Matter extend forever from molecule to atom to quark to a smaller entity and down forever, each one having their particular Laws of Physics, their particular equations and quirks, and going on down to smaller and smaller forever and never ending, no matter how far down you go. We can only go a few steps, say only up to the planck level of 10^-40 meters or such, but there is another level of new equations and effects and interactions, a complete universe of interactions, maybe even very complex, maybe even very specific, detailed , chaotic, random, etc. at 10^-50 mm and then at 10^-70 mm and so on to 10^-200 mm and then  10^-1000 mm and so on, just keep on hiking up the number in the exponent to get to a New Universe and Laws of Physics expressing themselves and such. But the point is, a simple consciousness event of the Mind may have its origin very far down, like at 10^-100 mm that influences and interacts in a very complex way with a phenomena occurring at 10^-50 mm, and that with one occurring at the planck level and then quark level and then atom level and then molecular level, etc.

So if Infinite Reductionism is the name of the game, then science will never win, is destined to fail no matter what.

Also, I was thinking of all of the Economic Gurus always saying what must  be done to grow the economy, improve the economy or create more employment and such, and so on. Well, it seems to me that no matter what, the forces interacting between people and their economic goals and interests are essentially completely disjoint and independent of any and all theories and models and such. They will keep on doing anything they want according to their interests and environments and situations no  matter what laws or theories or models or "More Innovation" or "More Education" or "More Competition" models want to impose. There is no "Normal" and "Good" and "Correct" Economy, they are all quirk - unstable systems that are mostly unpredictable and follow no laws or models at all. Just like the Man Brain driving the system...

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