Wednesday, March 21, 2012



Give then a function, a task they will be happy. We need a function to perform always, we need to perform anything at all, any task so as to have achieved, so as to have distracted ourselves from ourselves, to solve our problems, to distract us away from our problems, but each new problem is a distraction from the older unresolved problem, etc. but the problems are always the same amount, the law of conservation of problems, the law of conservation of functions, etc. But the solution to most problems is the judgement function of other Minds and Will Powers, if they give us a "good value", "judge us well", etc. A sea of one bit universe of simple judgments, reciprocal judgments of people against each other, all a function of other judgments, all a function of what the other Mind and Will Power thinks (and can do and choose to do and what it could imply to our pain/pleasure circuits and such), etc.

A sea of reciprocal evaluations and judgments, interactions, all being a function of all others, everyone a function of everyone else in a complex circuit of action - reactions and interactions of reciprocal judgements, good or bad, punish or reward ?


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