Thursday, March 15, 2012



[quote="fuse"] But I will have always been a part of the great procession. That is an absolute. And I can play my part in the grand procession however I see fit. What will I make of it! No deception or delusion necessary, but pure excitement at the possibility of creation.  [/quote]

No one or nothing is Keeping Score, there is no Eternal and Objective Memory "Remembering" your events and your subjectivity, nay, memory degrades and disappears also, so it is as if you never were, and in fact you or me or anything or anyone never was, never is and never will be, even history is false, even history doesn't remember itself, even after the fact it is false, it "Never Happened", it is unknown and doesn't exist...(or will it happen over and over again forever and become ever more real forever ? a nightmare ?)...


"But even more important, determinism of this universe is really not operating at all: no matter how many combinations you express, it will never really cover all of possible reality, every moment of existence of Mass Energy is a wild guess, the next is truly totally indeterminate, not related in any way with the previous, the laws of physics as the pattern decoding our mind executes is always an illusion, a joke upon itself, the initial conditions of each particle is infinitely precise, so nothing can contain infinity, nay, nothing can contain all the possibilities of reality, not even after the fact is it established, not even the laws of physics know, not even if you know it do you know it, not even if it is history do you know it and is it real, history is a lie, not even god knows it, nothing knows anything, each new path is a one time quirk, a unique new universe and big bang, never to be seen again, never could have been predicted, so unique and one time that it becomes vanishingly small in the combinational space, totally unrelated to anything, etc."


"The discrepancies: the three body problem has no analytical solution (no precise solution in mathematical terms), the differential equations describing mathematical physics have very rarely precise, closed form analytical solutions, initial conditions must be imposed but are always iffy, random, not sure and not precise, non linearities abound, chaotic systems discovered, the butterfly effect ? and mostly look around you, can you give me the equation and precise solution that determined a given design of a given mountain ? can you precisely predict the exact shape of the next waveform of an ocean wave ? can you tell me exactly where the next raindrop will fall ? (but then again nature operates by simply yes and no and some intermediate state, it doesn't need precision, it doesn't care about precision, nature is very approximate, likes to make rough approximations like it will rain today or it will not, it doesn't even know or have within itself the precise capability to know, care or even imagine where the exact next raindrop will fall, it knows it only after the fact, nay, not even after the fact, not even history is true, nay, it doesn't and will never know, nothing will ever know, not even knowing itself knows...). These are all the walls of the reference system science is boxed up in, its perfect mathematical viewpoint breaks down as soon as you exit its reference system: in that case only the interaction and measurement and observation gives you some information, but information that rarely can be built upon to create a prediction as in : Thought is the Sickness, Measurements and Observations are the Cure."


"Like in the Total Metaphysical Insecurity that states that the universe or physics is or could have been or could be or will be or has been anything at all, even as bad as possible since it is an external fluke, as is there could be a hell without a god, and an ever worse hell for no reason at all, the next state that the system of Mass Energy of people and machines and manipulations as this thin fluid of Matter on the surface of the earth transitions to could be anything at all, even infinitely different from what we see now, and even all in a jiffy, for no reason at all, even god wouldn't know or couldn't predict the reason or the next state, even the laws of physics couldn't predict the next state, even after the fact, even the history is not determined, nay, never determined, is a lie, never happened, or always happened, total chaos, confusion, unknown, go on man, go on forever, break it all, kill everything. I prefer nothing, nothing is my friend, nothing is always better than anything, even better than itself as nothing is something, but I want a less nothing, so another infinite recursion (or regression), there I go again..."

Happiness is an Assignment: just assign yourself as happy...

Not even Knowing "Knows Itself"...

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