Wednesday, March 28, 2012

No Absolutes ?


Said this myself very often: There are No Absolutes, but then it just ends up going into an infinite Recursion, since any Relative entities or items must be based on Absolutes, some Invariants, but any and all Invariants have Variant parts of them and are composed of/can be Variables and so on. The solution is to take it is a VAGUE IDEA, AN APPROXIMATION, AN IDEA THAT IS STRUCTURALLY CONTRADICTORY, BUT THE CONTRADICTIONS ARE OK SINCE YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO ELIMINATE THEM, etc. The problems is thinking in Absolute terms like saying "There are NO Absolutes" meaning every point in Space and Time and every Entity imaginable and Every anything else and such. The problem is in the word ALL, you can't see ALL and be sure, you can't talk for the entire Universe and for all Time and for all Possible Possibilities (and Combinations of Matter and Possible Interactions and Events and such as in New Modified Man Brains plunging into a New Instant Singularity by suddenly and immediately changing the Neural Wiring of the Mind and such or dumping Wild Chemicals, Wild Symbols and Signals in the Man Brain), the problem is with the Universals and Generalizations.

So just say, There are not Many Absolutes, Most things Seem Relative, But I may be wrong, etc.

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