Saturday, March 24, 2012

The information is the work

The information is the work

I read some news, the information talks about some conflict and contrast between 2 political opinions or effects or economic choices or greens against buildings and a never ending array of things like this. But that information creates your job, employs you, the information is the work since your mind is activated playing out the conflicts, taking sides, trying to figure out if there is some solution, when there will never be any solution as Man Brains are contraptions that have no solution and just want to fight, the fight is their natural reaction to their boring existence, the boss wants to fight because he is bored, the economy wants competition so people can fight since otherwise the economy would stagnate, wouldn't change constantly, as if change creates wealth when in all truth change dissipates wealth in useless fights and such. The information is the work, the task, the job, information alone, by existing already creates tasks and jobs and work and such.

I read of a company owner who killed himself because he had too many debts, was rich but killed himself: what an irony and paradox, you are rich and kill yourself because the relative situation you find yourself in means that you lost the game, you are losing, but the guy didn't measure the situation absolutely, if you have so much cash just hose the entire game, but no, he would be bored, they need risks, games and fights and then they kill themselves and such. A lot of people who don't want to risk and fight and who live on peanuts are essentially richer and happier, they don't want to compete, but the dominating Right Wing Thug mentality wants everyone to fight each other so they can compete and wants everyone to work hard and such otherwise you are a failure, a loser, lazy and deserve to be beaten up. The republicans love to beat up people with all of the Hard Work BS, they love to punish the lazy freeloaders and such, but then they just kill themselves when they lose. The guy had debts and managed alot of money but is or was poorer than who just gets by.

We need scott free salaries to all 10 billion people worldwide, 800 dollars a month and cheap rents, 200 dollars a month for a 4 bedroom house for all on earth. of course, even if that were given, the reciprocating Man Brains would find some other item they can use to crush others, like maybe paying for water, paying 1,000 dollars a month for some water, but you have a cheap home and a free salary and such.

Thought is trying to encapsulate all items, theories are trying to inglobe all events but fail, you can't solve eveyone's problems everywhere and for all time once and for all since the law of conservation of problems is always operating, you can improve some statistics but not much more and then the situations can change from one moment to the next and such.

It is as if all of our models and theories are trying to create some stable objective narrative of events and the economy and interactions when in all truth no stable narrative will ever be possible, there is no narrative or theory even, there is nothing at all, only one shot quirk - fluke events all based on random free wills expressing themselves and fighting another free will just because, for no reason at all, and producing some large scale random events, like in the economy, you outsource 1,000 jobs and you destroy a local community just because, to make some more cash and such, but no matter how hard you try to analyze it, or talk about it, or debate it, no matter what laws are written, no matter what you or a community try to do, the events will happen anyways and automatically, as if nothing influences nothing else although we are always trying to make believe that we all have this power to influence many things when in all truth we can't influence nothing at all ever.


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