Thursday, January 24, 2013

Chinese Spammer

Chinese Spammer

You can see that I am not the Chinese Spammer by his use of the Resource Box: this is a kit of items and entities Matter - Energy - Existence uses to manipulate itself, to feel itself, to come alive and acquire self consciousness of its structure and such. It is a box of concepts and structures any substrate composed of Information Potentially uses to self create and instantiate logical, symbol and connection structures, logics. Symbol Constructions, Matter to Existence Converters...

But reality uses an Observer type of delimitation to express, manipulate and interact with what is imagined outside of an Observer type: nay, Information and logic segments are used continuously to saturate all points in space time, to give them a justification, since without logic and cause and effect and reasons, all Entities and Matter would appear to a Man Brain type of entity non existent, non decodable and such. But Matter must escape its own logic, must escape the logic it imposes upon itself as logics and logic segments are only inventions, arbitrary inventions, many other kinds of systems are possible; you cannot saturate all with logic and connect all with causes and effects and logic segments, everything escapes such points, just like all of the debates and ideas and and conflicts and controversies over the "Economy" and other things try to find out, figure out a way to overcome the only real reason and basis of everything and namely: the fight, the conflict between contrasting will powers, the conflict between two entities fighting for themselves, A against B, A wins and B loses, end of story, but all of the debates try to figure out a "way out", try to find a logical segment that could solve "this problem" once and for all without understanding that the problem is structural, will always be because all things are fighting all others, all differences are wars between items, the fight creates existence and there is no way to figure out a way out.

Hence the debates and theories and ideas, the "Politics", the "Fights" will go on forever, ever more logic segments and ideas and attempts to figure out how to finally solve the conflicts will be created, when the conflict is the essence of all from the outset no matter what, conflict, fight, difference between any two items (and difference always means war and fight, although sometimes they accumulate and merge into one item only to fight another item that accumulates other differences that then decide to become one and the same and so forth, but always fighting and comparing itself to something else) is the elementary particle upon which all entities, all the ideas are made out of and no matter how many logic segments are instantiated, no matter how many ever longer and complex blocks of text, conversations, debates, no matter how much information you throw at the problems, you will never get anywhere, you will always stand still and in fact the Internet with all of its constantly increasing information tries desperately to change the nature of things and solve problems (mostly just people judging things, people love to judge, love to play the part of GOD, as all people think they are GOD and can judge when in all truth all judgments are wrong from the outset, all of what the Man Brain does is wrong by definition since wrong and right and better and worse doesn't even exist), but it is all in vain and the more in vain it is the more information, debates, ideas, conflicts, controversies, politics and so forth will be thrown at it.

Symbol Generators, Infinite Abstraction Recursions, Infinite Machines ever more complex, symbols and concepts and time...


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