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Connection between information chunks in minds and feelings, emotions, meanings, expectations and such. The programming of a mind to associate all information chunks to possible pain/pleasure or feelings or expectations of pleasure and pain even though only a very small amount of real impulses triggering real pain/pleasure and feelings (ever occurs or happens anyways) is implied by most events and endeavors, almost as if it were a completely abstract world, almost all abstract, indistinguishable from any other set of bits in minds, to any other arrangement of bits or any other succession of bits, to any organized bits according to time or space as it is all equal and the same except for what it could possibly imply in terms of pain/pleasure, a sequence of events imagined but almost never actuated, only seldomly but those seldom times gives reality to all the sequences of expected and imagined and feared or hoped for events, events that never will occur.

So value and importance is always just an association of a set of bits with imagined feelings and occurences and events. It is all just an arbitrary programming of neural networks to associate some bits of information to some emotions or possibilities and hence the creation of importance and value, the totally arbitrary and invented and programmed for no reason at all of things which are good as opposed to bad, which are valuable as opposed to useless, which count and are important as opposed to what is nothing at all: the measurement, the measurements according to values and the creation of NUMBERS to actually fix them on a scale: the amount, greater and less than, bigger or smaller, bigger is always better than smaller, hence the obsession of our Civilization for numbers and statistics, the GDP, the number of items sold, the amount of money, billions of dollars and billions of smartphones and trillions of dollars and so forth but almost always just imagined, just invented, rarely corresponding to any reality and such. And natural evolution and Physics and the laws of physics are also obsessed with quantity and numbers, natural evolution wants an animal to "last as long as possible", to "last longer" hence be more succcessful nt terms of "species" and such but who said longer is better than shorter ? who said that anything is better than snything else ?

The distinction, the numbers: but Matter and Mass Energy and the Abstraction Kit of Symbols self actuating themselves and becoming alive and looking (at itself) and feeling (itself) and deciding to be something more than just idle, dead, without events, as that is what the universe does when it creates its own observers, it invents its own Observers (and invents its own arbitrary inside (the observer ?...) and outside (external world ?...) (delimitations abound) and fake and imaginary absolute laws of physics: but how can they be absolute and imagined outside of the universe when they are the universe itself, the laws were invented as soon as the universe decided to randomly invent any random observer (observer of itself ? and why does it need to look at a part of itself ? why not invent anything as part of itself ? why does it even have to be real or even a part of itself ? who cares!) programmed according to any random arbitrary input - output reaction set, as all laws are just a set of input and output associations, hence infinitely programmable, anything as incredible and wild as imaginable is just as real as anything else, hence invent your own wild laws of physics, wild new sense organs, wild new universes, wild new emotion feeling contraptions, and sense organ feelings contraptions and so on, the wilder and crazier the better) but really by doing this creates all of itself and its own laws and its laws of physics and the experience set any configuration of given observers the universe chooses from time to time to have.

So how does the universe set the numbers ? how does it establish big from small, how large must the orders of magnitude be (from 10^-200 to 10^200) ? It doesn't know what numbers it wants to choose, or if even things must be disjoint to be counted individually as numbers at all, or merged into a monolithic block of only one entity, or many or trillions and the decision to what numbers and amounts to establish is random, wild, arbitrary and the next new observer the universe decides to invent and self impose upon itself may have completely different number sets, different orders of magnitude (from 10^-200000 to 10^200000), different processors and so forth, but all numbers are arbitrary and invented, and even the concept of numbers itself and amounts is arbitrary and even all of the further abstractions, an infinite level of ever more complex and incredible abstractions as like: if 0 is a word, 1 is a number what is 2 or 567 or minus 34566, the abstractions are so deep and incredible, so unimaginable it cannot be behold by any observer processor type but we can denote it and make it come alive, ever more complex and incredibly deep and surprising ideas, contructions, abstractions, machines, symbol sets, symbols becoming alive and such.

the APE

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