Thursday, January 31, 2013

Productivity ?

Productivity ?

I was reading how much "Productivity" increased in the USA (wordwide also) in the last decade(s) and such. Really ? Compare 1930 to 1970, what has been achieved in those 40 years: the car industry kicked in hiring millions, the airline industry, the TV industry, highways, suburbs, you name it (did the War help ? maybe), all kinds of new industries, all kinds of jobs, so many people hired, malls, consumerism and especially technology went miles ahead, landed on the moon and so forth. Compare that to 1970 to 2010. Increased productivity ? really ? with a lot higher population, and more technical know how what has been achieved ? well mostly Moore's law (the doubling of transistors on slabs of silicon every two years, but mostly a huge lucky break nature dealt us, a once in a blue moon narrow path that came from heaven and helped us create all these new "inventions"), the Integrated Circuit, and then the Microprocessor, Personal Computer, Internet and then Blogs, forums, youtube and facebook, each step built on top of the previous step, all a consequence of Moore's law. But really, I think that is nothing compared to the previous 40 years. With a lot less money spent on Research and "Innovation" and "Startups" they went from the past to modern in 4 decades, we can't get past modern with all the extra research and money and attempts at innovation being performed.

Really, so much research isn't going anywhere, isn't delivering much (and that is why it is invoked so much, more research and innovation exactly because it isn't delivering much anymore, and more startups hoping that some new IBM or General Motors can pop up out of it hiring millions ever more invoked and hoped for, but ever farther away and impossible to achieve: like the great GOD of Economic Growth, ever more invoked ever farther away and no longer achievable no matter what), in most of the west, it would be fine just to have normal back again, normal home prices, normal jobs, normal public transportation, normal anything, normal health care prices and so forth (and in the EU, especially southern EU (Italy Spain Greece) it is even much worst!, normality is out of the window now, everything is a crisis, an emergency (fakely induced ? for some hidden agenda of a group of people wanting to grab a gain ? unions ? workers ? private actors ? who knows who), from throwing out the garbage to the hospitals and such). Like we don't need innovation or startups or more research we need just the basic things of everyday life to work normally, we don't need exciting and new, we need public  health care, public buses that are clean and functioning and takes us all over the place, jobs, or at least a salary since jobs are obsolete and no longer needed and cheap rents and such.

But more research and training and innovation isn't going to deliver all of the normal things most people need and want: more innovation and research is going to deliver more toys (and not even that, just new names for old things like calling programs Apps and the internet the cloud and such, a new name for an old thing creates an imaginary new thing, talk about make believe and pretend, and actually most novelties are all all based on alot of pretending and make believes and fun and games anyways), more unnecessary play things like the iphones, like in the third world, they all have cell phone but no running water, no toilets and iffy electricity, and no homes and no nothing, nothing that counts, but they all have color TVs and such: that is the model, give them toys and useless crap, don't give them the basics and what is really needed, the normal things, since if you gave them the normal things you couldn't create great needs forcing people to be slaves and suffer and having to work, you have to take away the basics to have a population become a slave to the basics (and such, a power game).

But they will all keep on chanting more education, more innovation, more research hoping or pretending that that will solve problems which are almost all political, and economic and all a tug of war and fight amongst groups of people trying to grab more of something.

All of the money thrown at research, trillions of dollars compred to 1930 to 1970 and we can't achieve anything at all, what productivity, we haven't produced nearly anything at all, we have the same problems as ever, always the same problems forever, then what is all that money in research good for anyways ? Oh I see, to let some corporations make huge profits, like Apple and others, all huge profits and concentration of wealth in a few hands, but always chanting that we neee more innovation and research hoping that that will create more wealth.

We have the wealth, we don't need more innovation or research or novelties: we need to redistribute all the cash that a few are hogging up and make the normal things work and give all the noraml basics to all worldwide, there is nothing more that "Needs to be discovered".

And I affrim that most economic growth is over and done with in the USA, EU and JAPAN, no matter what, no matter what laws are passed (all of the famous "reforms" (more flexible labor, better legal systems and so on)  that Spain, Greece and Italy must do, what a joke, and all of those reforms have been operating for decades in the USA and they don't seem to be creating much economic growth in the USA anyways, imagine if those countries can even begin to grow anymore at all, even after they make those reforms (which will be very hard to do anyways, because so much of it is tied into culture and behaviors, like as soon as they freed up the labor markets in Italy, the workers got hosed big time with salary cuts, and easy firing (but very little hiring) and the myth of property keeping home prices and rents way higher than in the USA which is way more flexible and culturally advanced than Southern Europe at least economically speaking (like Germany is way more advanced as people keep the streets clean they are more culturally advanced, Southern Europe is way more tribal, everyone thinks for themselves and so forth, no one wants to pay taxes and so forth)), things on the ground will go their own way, no one can really do anything about it, no one has any power to force those economies to go anywhere at all, there is no real cause and effect that can provoke any economic growth, those economies will have to naturally play out their evolution, despite any wishes and attempts anyone makes to influence them and so on. Everything will just go its own way, no matter how much it is talked about, measured, and debated, it will go its own way completely independently of anything and anyone.

Whoever wins any political elections, whoever goes to power, whatever laws are passed (and this myth that laws can really influence economies more than just a very little) the economies will slow to static, to stagnation and a stand still automatically, developed economies saturate and reach a point where growth is simply no longer possible no matter what, all circuits saturate, all growth has been achieved, labor is too productive, too much production of anything, it is too easy to satisfy needs with fewer and fewer workers and since all of those economies are still based on the stone age idea that you must work to get paid, they will probably decay and contract ever more, not even stagnate and remain static: for them to grow they would have to give out loads of free salaries to all and cheap rents, go figure.


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