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Sea of Signals (Ocean of Signals)

Sea of Signals (Ocean of Signals)

So up until now the Integrated Circuit like item, or all kinds of processing and machine items have been fixed by a number of static parts interacting through signals, and the number of static parts, the extensions of static parts, the volume of space and mass occupied by the parts greatly exceeded the signals, the movements they made in terms of moving parts producing a function, a result: so you have a million transistors that are still and fixed and you have the signals that are criss crossing the transistors, the transistors are waiting for the signals to switch or do whatever, the ratio of Signals to Elements is very low, a few signals for a lot of elements (although the time dimension changes this somewhat as the signals change at a high frequency and occupy more "space time" and such and all other combinations and ideas, be crazy and wild, invent the craziest things! every possible idea, every possible combination of ideas - concepts, relationships, everything and whatever, inverting everything, making up the craziest things, be free, kick it all in high gear, go on do it man!), most of the space of the circuit is occupied by static parts and such, just like most of the space of a car engine is occupied by the metal, not the gasoline (as the gasoline is the signal so to say (but not even "so to say"! it is the signal, the gasoline is a constant thought processing, thinking trillions of things, having trillions of experiences as it flows and burns! wicked and cool idea! just like a little cry baby can have!)): but put this upside down, create an ocean of signals, create a huge cube of liquid electrons (ultra cooled and super compressed, just make it all up, it doesn't have to be real, actually the condition of reality hugely limits the conditions of imagination and possibility, we must worship creativity, invention, invent the craziest, make believe, pretend to the utmost and so forth, science fiction, worship fake and fiction, don't be tied down to something having to "exist", when in reality everything is just a make believe anyways, Matter itself just makes believe and pretends its alive in this short interval of time when self conscious machines are alive and looking at themselves and such!) where they are all signaling to each other, a cube of pure signals.

An ocean of signals, all kinds of incredible signals, all waveforms imaginable, a cube of signals, density of signals and information almost infinite, all at hugely high frequencies, but very few static parts inside of it, only a few transistors, maybe 10 or 20, so in a sense the transistors become the signals and the signals become the transistors (or wasn't that McCulan that said that the message is the means and the means the message ?) and now imagine all kinds of combinations, variable transistors, variable, variable devices (changing their configurations and functions, Matter itself changing configuration and functions upon the expected signals and such), variable static ensembles of matter acting as signal gateways, signal transaxles, signal switchboards, signal crossbars, and processing the signals, and imagine this cube of matter and signals undergoing all kinds of phase transitions, some moments the cube becomes an untold number of static transistors with a few signals, and other times almost all signals and only a few static processing elements, static processors or even observers, or brains, or brainiums and all else, and imagine all the combinations, all of the possible combinations between static and moving signals becoming transistors and transistors becoming signals, and all changing constantly, like a linear flow of one into the other all kinds of percentages being expressed, sometimes the cube of matter is made up of 30 % signals (and 70 % transistors or any other kind of contraption, any other kind of component, the more incredible and wilder the better, and draw the component type with a symbol but the symbol must be a galaxy sized symbol (since all other kinds of symbols have already been taken up, imagine how many different symbols were needed, and how many incredible component types have been created!), with trillions of details explaining it, (trillions of little boxes, lines, curves, letters, symbols, wild symbols, incredibly complex designs as symbols, little scribbles, scribbles that need a galaxy to identify the Electronic Component under consideration) be as crazy as possible, invent the wildest, symbols become matter become liquid electrons become transistors become thoughts become existence become self inventing universes, go on be crazier, don't stop, don't ever stop, go on forever...)) and sometimes 99 % signals and sometimes the other way around all undergoing wild and wicked phases transitions and such.

And if 0 is reality and 1 is make believe, what is 56 ? what is minus 3244 ? and so on, ever more incredible abstraction projections, abstraction constructions meaning ever more incredible things, a wild make believe and baby world if ever, pretend to the utmost, but 2 means that it is more make believe and fake ( a higher concept ?) than "make believe" itself (?!?), trillions of times more ? and so forth, and all kinds of projections and abstractions, and maybe items mixed up between make believe and pretend and reality and truth, and supertruths, and supertruths and super make believes all mixed up, and other concepts, events, experience sets, and so forth, never stop the mind, go in high gear, going faster and faster, occupying all the combinations, recursive abstractions self constructing themselves, and so forth, don't understand any of this, make believe you understand it and make up your own meaning for it all and so forth.

Thus spoke the Ape Job. The mistake is that of having to abide to truth or reality, the mistake is that of thoughts having to be constrained by their social use, by their objectivity as defined by the ensemble of other thought machines approving or confirming your thoughts, the dictatorship of other minds, other people and especially their judgment, (the consensus mechanism), their will power, their independence from you, ruining your party, your self induced party where reality can finally be free from truth or other people or society or being useful or being comprehensible and so forth: become a little baby, become impossible to communicate to and understand, become a little particle of pure and total make believe and freedom from necessity, from reality, from consequence, from other minds, their judgments and powers and the dictatorship of nature and the hard coded pain/pleasure circuits that other tyrant of Natural Evolution dealt you. Be a baby, make believe to the utmost, play around, hose the reality principle, hose all, and live in your own pretend and make believe to the utmost and enjoy to the utmost, it is all achieved, it has all been done, you won forever.

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