Monday, January 28, 2013

Invoking Myths

And notice that the more something can't be had the more it is invoked, the less Growth is possible and will be possible the more it is invoked and called for (especially in the EU to pay of their debts, go figure), the more they all chant that Economic growth is needed, the less it is really possible, the more they chant that they need Innovation and Research and Startups (so that a new superstar corporation like Apple can invent something new and make huge profits by huge sales "growth" and such) the less innovations are even possible: everything game changing has been invented, there are fewer and fewer possible real innovations and new miracle discoveries making new companies possible, and it all goes back to wishful thinking, hoping for the miracles, the miracles of never ending growth and profits and such.

And each new innovation is less new, the iphone was just a cluster of old inventions put together in a new package and so forth, the cloud is just the internet named differently and so forth, ever fewer possible real innovations and possible economic growth and ever more they are invoked and the more they all chant about this mythology, these hoped for miracles.

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