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What ticks me off is that nothing is controllable or verifiable, you always have to depend on others, on third parties and their "Information" to establish any truths and such: like the GDP numbers, the Gross Domestic Products number: how on earth is it measured and calculated anyways ? who is doing the measurements ? can I trust them or it or anything anyways ? are the numbers real ? do they even mean anything ? it is in fact totally intractable in the end, a simple act of faith to believe in the numbers they (and who is they anyways ?) furnish you and such; especially since so little is being really produced, nothing is being produced in the USA anymore so what are the numbers anyways ? how many people are spinning their wheels at fake jobs (the service jobs which just means anything goes, nothing is being produced but hot air, just like this blog and these forums and all else) ? so then what is a good "normal" economy and what is a sick "economy" ? as if something like that can even be established (the economy is a man made contraption that has no laws and science applied, it is just an arbitrary system of power relationships according to some arbitrary quirk laws the powers that be or a society brainwashed itself to have, as if it were really scientific and not simply power struggles and fights and nothing else). And so it is with everything else, all things economic and all things in general: nothing is controllable or verifiable, you only receive all kinds of information that is supposed to be associated with some kind of reality, with how things are going, but no one knows anything, can trust anything, anything can be the truth or not, anything can be said, you will never know the truth, you will never know how much Gross Domestic Product was "produced" in the USA in 2012 or how much unemployment there is and even what are the normal numbers and the bad numbers, what is good or bad, what is even normal or not (normal doesn't exist, invented arbitrary models are the only thing that exists).

Take unemployment: what are good numbers and bad numbers and who says what is normal and what is not ? from what I see, that there are still 100 million people employed and getting a salary in the USA when they are mostly useless, spinning their wheels and not producing anything is bad and wrong and a sign of an economy wasting effort; the real numbers should be only 10 million people needed to work, the rest are a waste of time, a healthy economy should have them all at home watching TV and getting out of the way for example. But unemployment is considered "bad", arbitrarily, since the Standard Ideology and Economic Model considers that people still must "work for a living" when this is no longer applicable for a "Technological Economy" that creates wealth by the boatloads automatically, structurally, through automation and technology and huge economies of scale and huge numbers of workers (way more workers than are ever needed for example), but then how can you keep on forcing people to fight each other and be in "competition" (another absurd, stone age concept) if the truth were said that there is way more than enough for everyone, that work is no longer needed, that you no longer have to fight other people to live and work ? how can a stone age Man Brain adapt to something so true and simple ?

And so it is with all kinds of statistics, all kinds of numbers and information: the Debts, the national debts, the production indexes and so forth and so on, nothing can ever be controlled or verified, it is even unclear if those numbers mean anything, if they even exist, and what is going on, impossible to follow or understand or even figure out, all abstract information coming from who knows where, all fake problems, nothing is real, everything is a problem, nothing can be established all is intractable and so on (and even scientific knowledge and technology and so forth, all facts that are thrown at you, but can you really ever know ? can you really know about Genetic Engineering and what it is doing and how much can you know ? and so forth with all science and technology, all intractable, hard to verify and such ? are there really a billion transistors in the CPU of your computer ? is it verifiable ? can I trust it ? does it even mean anything ?). And those furnishing the intractable and probably "false" information (but true and false are probably not even applicable and such) all have an agenda, all have something to gain by furnishing all kinds of wild information in order to pass laws or anything else, to print money and give it to banks and so on, a never ending array of unknowns, intractable, inventions, and money transfers, new problems pop up out of nowhere, new emergencies occur out of the blue, and the FED prints money to justify the solution to "problems" no one ever knew they even had, no one knows what on earth is going on, and so its is with all the problems in the EU and so forth, no one knows what is going on, or to who the money is going, or who deserves what and so forth. the end of any truths.

Nothing even means anything at all, nothing can be established as normal or wrong, nothing can be tractable, all is intractable, all the money flows impossible to understand and so forth. The 10 trillion dollars debt of the USA is totally intractable, impossible to figure out, and how can money be debts if most of it is used to pay people ? so people are debts ? a never ending array of contortions, questions, doubts, acts of faith needed, intractable, power struggles, lies, all fake and impossible, nothing is true and worst of all nothing is false, you are all lost in a maze of abstactions, information not meaning anything or meaning anything, and people gaining and losing billions of dollars over all these intractable games.

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