Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Make Believe !

Make Believe !

Don't be a slave to reality or the truth, play like a little baby, just play around and be carefree. Draw all those new circuits for new brains looking into new universes, take a pen or pencil and a piece of paper and start drawing all wicked and wild little boxes, all shapes, curves, all complex symbols, complex designs (like schematics of electronic circuits, but much more complex and wicked, with many more kinds of components, infinitely intricate, very complex symbols, wild symbols and signals, invent the wildest components, the sky is the limit, just like a little baby, play and have fun and imagine the most incredible things those circuits do, all outside of truth, and reality, and being real, nothing is real here, nothing has to be real here anymore, you are over and done with real, reality, people, society, the truth, science and all the other hosts of prisoners stopping your fun and imagination), patterns ever more fun and while you draw it imagine what incredible things all those circuits are doing, all fake, a make believe, pretend that it is real, make believe that it is true and real (only boring people want their stuff to be true and real, only scientists want the truth and real, I want fake and false, I want to pretend, I want to be a little baby playing around in my make believe and pretend world, like in Brainium, everything you see is a brain, all items are a subcircuit for a brain part, an observer part, a subsystem of a Processor, nay, everything you see is a completely new universe ( a new big bang, a new NEW), is an infinite abstraction, is an infinite recursion of an abstraction upon itself, all matter self inventing itself, universes self inventing themselves, making themselves up, pretending that they are true and real, all playing with themselves and so forth, all self invented chunks of pure existence and such).

Up until now I have always tried to force my fantasies to be somehow related, or associated with some reality, now that is all over, now that the scientists have mapped the brain, my game is over, I lost, now I could care less, now I will bluntly and proudly and boldly hose science, logic and reality, and being true and real, finally free, free to lie as much as I want, free to make up anything as incredible as I want, totally free from truth, this prison guard, free from all, invent, play around, have fun and don't let anyone know, society and people and reality just wants to spoil everything for you, just wants to be a party pooper, get them all out of the way, have fun and invent the wildest of the wildest, finally free...


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