Monday, January 28, 2013


But alas the mistake is to think that there is any model; that a society or civilization or country or any group can behave "rationally", can behave according to a model, like JHK's model, or my own model or any model: the Man Brain is a totally unstable, intractable and unpredicatble machine, hence the civilization he creates, the customs and behaviors of a society or tribe is always a fluke, full of contradictions, quirks and problems and mythical solutions and religions (even if masked in another form, like the science of Economy and so forth): in short, there is no normal, there has never been any normal, or any correct way of functioning for a society, there is no correct and wrong. Any normal today can always be criticized and compared to an alternative normal and demonstrated as wrong or incorrect and so forth, and all past societies were the same and so all future societies, there is no normal and never will be, there are no solutions to a society and never will be and never has been, etc.

All the debates and blocks of texts imply that something is wrong and there is a way to fix it, that we must return to "correct" and "normal" and so forth: but nothing further from the truth, there is no "correct" or "normal" or better or anything, only temporary fluke chocies, fluke decisions, fluke customs and behaviors a society self imposes upon itself, brainwashes itself to have as long as it can last, and then it will change again, a never ending stream of new normals, new corrects and so forth.

What is right or wrong, what system is better or worse ? no one knows or will ever know, we just transit from system to system, from civilization types to other types with all possible contradictions operating and such.

Anything can become a goal, no matter how far out, a society can impose itself as a goal to count all the rocks in a desert, or pick them up and move them just for no reason at all: the same kind of goal is imposed by declaring that Economies must grow, someone made up this task and all of a sudden that is the task that must be achieved and done and so forth: any other task can be invented and other normal and abnormal (normal is the high growth society, abnormal the low growth one and so forth) can be invented, defined and assigned and so forth. So the fact that the car tire isn't blue is a problem, that must be fixed and so on, invent any imagined normal, declare the present state as sick or bad and then assign the task to fix it and assign yourself as being correct and knowing the truth since you have imposed that the car tire must be blue and so forth, the same with any other kinds of inventions of normal and not normal, goals and tasks, the sick society and healthy society and so forth (JHK's example, small and local is better than big and global and so forth, all arbitrary aesthetical, artistic choices in the end).

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