Thursday, January 24, 2013

Re: How Internet is Changing Us


Machines are programming people: without anyone noticing it, you are following the "programs", the "instructions" the machines (but really indirectly what the corporations and their designers (unsure who decides what or who influences who within corporations and such, who's "will power" dominates, but it is probably intractable just like everything else)) want you to follow, you are executing the behaviors the machines impose on you (in essence you are the computer and the programs are executing you, you are executing the programs the computers decide you must execute and such), but really society and the social construct imposes on everyone, as in all your friends are on facebook and talk through facebook, you must too otherwise you are "cut off", you are "isolated" and so forth. And corporations want their workers to be always connected, always on, always "reachable" always in "Information Processing Mode", always in "Communication Mode", you are not allowed to be "isolated", an "island", "an individual" in essence, everyone must know what is on everyone's elses "mind" and such. A kind of thought control.

It is all a subtle change in the behaviors of Civilization, a gradual change from being yourself to being an extension of Information Machines, without anyone noticing or deciding, but simply playing along.

TV is much better, it is actually much more social and more relaxing, more passive, at least you are not forced to execute a program, you can just passively watch, TV is a much more superior Information Machine, it is actually non intrusive, TV is closer to meditation, to oblivion, to non social than anything else, TV will set you free, Computers will imprison you...

8 man

Thank you for exectuing the above text in your mind, you have once again been called to execute a program on behalf of the machines, you loaded the contents of the text in your memory and parsed it and the process triggered other thoughts, we are all programmers of texts now, all Machine Brain hybrids interacting and programming each other and transmitting Information and "Communicating" a never ending array of texts, ideas, concepts, logic chunks, segments of logic paths intersecting and interacting and colliding with other segemnts of logic (and in the background denoting will powers and fights between ideas and hence people and such)...

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