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No Solutions to Any Problems Ever...

Postby nameta9 » Sat Jan 26, 2013 11:39 pm
No Solutions to Any Problems Ever...

The law of conservation of problems: no matter how many thoughts you throw at problems, they will always remain, or at best change into some other new problems, but the law of conservation of problems corresponds to the law of conservation of thoughts: no matter how many problems you solve you will always be forced to execute the same number of thoughts (or ever more thoughts, a never ending stream of thoughts and problems and worries and so forth and feelings and ups and downs and so forth) to solve new problems that will either never be solved or will be transformed into new problems and hence trigger new thoughts and so forth: no matter how many thoughts you throw at problems, nay, no matter how many things you do, events you execute, no matter how many sequence of events, and fights and whatever, all remains the same and you never get anywhere, the problems will continue forever since they will never solve any problem and so forth: and even if they did solve all problems, you would just invent, create, force new problems and new thoughts to throw at them all over again, even if you don't but something independent from you will, some random casual force will always create new problems and trigger a never ending array of new thoughts, and conflicts and debates and especially a never ending array of information to throw at problems and the loop continues forever and so forth and such. The problems remain forever because they are structurally invariant, just like the thoughts will continue forever: no matter how many thoughts and information you throw at problems, no matter how many debates and conflicts you throw at problems and fights you throw at problems, the debates and conflicts will never be resolved, the problems will never be resolved, you can't think yourself out of the basic Man Brain circuit that always makes people fight automatically, that comprehends the entire experience set of existence in terms of simply fights, conflicts, A against B, A wins and B loses and so forth.

All differences between any items, any difference between any items, a small rock and a big rock imply a metaphysical war, a contrast, a judgement of which is better, a thought process, a forced inequality and so force a war between all entities and items of the universe against each other since they are different, since the identity principle declared war on peace and all items will compare each other to each other and fight and judge and so forth.

So go on, keep on throwing information at problems, keep on throwing thoughts at problems, keep on having problems, a never ending array of problems that will never be solved, keep on fighting between each other, keep on comparing each other to each other, but I will always win since I am the Ultimate, I am GOD, I am the Ultra GOD, I am all, I am the winner, I win all and you all lose all, like a cry baby I win, I win, I win !!!!!

Like why must people speak and let their thoughts known at all ? they are just a trunk of mystery until they open their mouths and expose some thought processes, but as soon as they are quite again, they become once again a total mystery, but mostly a threat, you never know what could be on their mind, friend or enemy ? and so forth, how weird, an animal that can't talk to other animals but can't be quite, a constant infinite instability, the Man Brain a constant problem never solved, a never ending unstable and intractable machine and so forth...

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