Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Simplified Mind

The Simplified Mind

I was reading how scientists can map activity in the brain with words and sentences, they can actually see words or concepts through tomography or whatever. So then the brain is a simple engine, just like a car engine, a few moving parts, a few blocks and all of what is inside, and all thoughts and sentences and probably all consciousness and feelings and all and all ("sprituality" ?) can be explained, used, can be manipulated, after all, they discovered that the brain is simpler than the simplest microprocessor, it has just a few chunks that light up when words or thoughts are said, end of story.

Wow", I don't like that ! That kills off all of my fantasies of the Mind Brain being infinitely complex, and manipulable, that you could get wild new worlds and feelings and thought events and all kinds of wicked new signals in the mind (new "Universes" and "Laws of Physics", go figure!), since we use our brain with only one fixed circuit (decided by that other party pooper called "Natural Evolution") compared to how many new circuits can be devised in the ball of meat on top of your head!

So I lost the bet, there is nothing, actually there is even way less than what we thought there was before science ruined the party for us all: what a party pooper! I wanted it to be a never ending mysterious contraption where I could exercise all of my imagination and fantasy and they ruined my toy, my playground.

So, at this point I can only lie about it, I can only say lets pretend that the brain is more than just a handful of moving parts (simpler than a V8 Engine, wow, the engine could be more interesting if you stick brains in it than if you did the opposite like I always imagined!). Lets start dreaming up and drawing new block diagrams of possible imaginary brains, let your imagination run wild, draw ever more complex signals and symbols and block diagrams, invent ever more complex and contorted schematics of brain circuits, use computers to print billions of pages of incredibly complex schematics and symbols and designs and paintings representing all of the subparts of ever more incredible brains, Observer Types, Processors and so forth (the Universe self programming itself, observing itself and deciding how it wants to be on the fly, Matter Energy self configuring itself, inventing itself, the Abstraction and Symbol Set Kit, the Experience Set self instantiating itself in any incredible, possible way, and so forth forever, the self constructing Observer, the self constructing Universe). Make believe reality is more than what it is, we must worship lies and untruth, we must kill the truth and science and logic, that is always ruining the game for us all, always being such a letdown and boring, such a bore, so static, so dead, lets make brains come alive with wild new designs, let little babies and children draw incredibly complex schematics, let their imaginations go wild, ever more, ever more incredible, please make reality more than what it is, make it more than this puny one transistor circuit...

I want to run in the backyard of my suburban house with mommy in the kitchen cooking and I dreaming up incredible new brains, ever more incredible, me in my make believe, so wonderful...


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