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As Man is defined by his problems, his problems define him, Man needs problems always to simply exist and "think" (or does he create problems in order to think or does thought create problems so as to create a contents for itself ? and so forth): the Man Brain is a problem searching machine, or a problem creating machine, problems define the Man Brain, problems will never be solved because the essence of Man Brains is to exist within a sea of problems and so forth. So no problems can be solved. But then again any set of bits in the mind can be defined as problems or solutions or anything else, even the definition and delimitation of problems compared to solutions, what is considered a problem or solution or an environment or anything else is arbitrary, your problem is my solution, or the problem - solution set can be anything at all and imply any number of intermediate steps to transit from problem to solution, from starting point to target achieved and so forth, and they can be all mixed up, all out upside down, all confused and anything goes and so forth.

But the economic growth myth is often always based on small percentages, 3 percent growth etc. the percents are so small that it is really hard to find connections between causes and effects (and very small things can make it grow or contract by small percentages, small events can have big effects, we're always around the zero line, plus or minus 3 percent economic growth and such, anything can move the numbers in any direction), between problems and solutions and what effects what, what can produce growth as opposed to what could block growth and so forth: and since the cause and effects of economic growth are intractable, arbitrary, hard to define, not scientific (mostly political ?), non linear, as the machine of economy is so contorted, with so many random will powers acting at the same time, so many contrasting forces, going everywhere and nowhere, anyone can invent any cause and effect and brainwash people that if they activate a certain cause than the economy will grow, jobs will come back and so forth, the eternal promises of better times if you do as I say: like in the EU, fire government workers, increase the retirement age and the economy will do good again, and everyone buys into this cause and effect, (since it can never be challenged or even figured out as all is essentially intractable) and the statistics can show that it is so (as statistics can be fabricated to demonstrate anything you want if your are shrewd enough, just like lawyers can demonstrate anything and so forth), but especially since the causes are implying the effects, than a society can brainwash itself that that cause will generate that effect and actually make it come true, as the distinction between what is an objective - scientific cause from what is a psychological, culture wide forced causes is intractable and so forth: the command language forcing a cause and effect model to become true by everyone believing in it and buying into it and making it really become true as the economy is a self observing system, a self referential system acutally programming itself on the go, looking at itself, talking to itself and programming itself to be in a certain way or another way. A feedback loop where the description of how it works becomes how it works and the causes and effects become so since they were assigned as such without anyone noticing that the economic machine is being programmed if all the economists decide that the causes and effects should be such and such and a sociery brainwashes itself to believe this and programs all of its people to believe this and put it in action by everyone believing this and acting accordingly.

And all of those causes that are making the economy be bad (the retirement age for example and the lazy government workers) are all tied into some kind of morality, something wrong someone is doing, some fault of someone and people love to find this linear cause and effect, especially they didn't "work hard enough", "government workers are lazy", "we need more hard work for the economy to pick up" and such, when the modern day Technological Economy has zero connection to any of these imagined moral faults, to this morality police trying to force this comic book linearity, this stone age idea that hard work will create more wealth, when the modern economy is all based on random decisions of where to allocate billions of dollars the rich have and so forth and nothing at all to do with work or morality, or moral faults and so forth at all: the economy doesn't need work, it needs fun and games and consumerism more than anything else, retirement ages, government workers, imagined waste of money doesn't exist, it is all a political game, a tug of war between who wants to sacrifice who according to the mythical economic growth fairy tale and so forth.

But people want to be promised, want to hope that they can actually improve their lot, they need to believe in the politicians and economists chanting all of this BS, and people deeply love finding who is to blame, who must be sacrificed, who is at fault, who is lazy, who is not doing their jobs, who is the layabout and so forth, all inside the idea of finding moral faults, all inside the concept of everyone wanting to punish everyone else when in all truth all of this BS has nothing at all to do with economic growth at all, actually economies grow when people are in the exact opposite moods, spending and optimistic and carefree and not all all into the mood of blaming someone else and everyone wanting to punish everyone else and so forth, all in the punishment mode.

But behind all of the imaginary causes and effects that are invented to pretend that they can actually generate real economic growth is all of the hidden agendas of someone grabbing more cash as opposed to someone else: so the retirement age is increased so the government has to pay out less pensions (but at the same time what company wants old people working for them when they would like to hose all the older people and get young fresh new kids who cost a lot less and are easily programmable and flexible compared to older people ?) but the morality has been achieved, you must work harder, and the government saves money by forcing companies to keep on paying old people they don't want anymore and so forth.

The truth is that past a certain point economies become steady state, naturally decay, and the technological economy, by not needing many workers and needing fewer and fewer, automatically tends ever more towards recession than expanding since we still live in a stone age mentality of "you have to work to get a salary" when this is no longer applicable and such.

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