Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sophisticated Economy

Sophisticated Economy

How can you distinguish between a real Objective structural law of the "Economy" and some will power choosing what is a law and objective, some arbitrary forces (namely what some powers that be want) choose as "Objective" ? You really can't, there is a subtle difference, but so subtle that you cannot distinguish it: if the powers that be (anyone or any corporation or any individual that has more cash than you and hence can decide your destiny, as without power and money you are nothing at all, a slave to higher powers) decide that unions are bad for the economy, they actually become bad for the economy, but not because of some scientific objective reason, but simply because the dominating class or the powers that be decided that they don't want unions and will punish anyone and any country or area having strong unions as when all the manufacturing entities escape detroit to go to the southern states and such. But you can't distinguish how all of the debates and talks and controversies about the issues hides simply a power struggle, a fight between contrasting will powers, and the economists lend their voices to what they have all been brainwashed to believe in as being a scientific and objective science, when it is only a mask, only a sophisticated mask hiding the real simple power struggles behind it all: and so it is with all of the chants about innovation, workers must train for new skill sets, workers are lazy, we need more education, we need to be more competitive and productive and so forth and it looks all so objective and true but only because the powers that be force it to be true by forcing these things to become objective realities and truth (by brainwashing everyone that this is the truth, hence even those that are damaged by these truths support these truths, like when workers support the idea that unions are bad and such they become their own worst enemy, the powers that be must only know how to brainwash and convince everyone about all the truths the "economists" talk about, as in a "command language", a language that really doesn't describe the truth but programs the truth, decides what the truth is without anyone even noticing the subtle difference, there are many other examples, many other subtle examples, you get the idea) and hence everyone is convinced that that is the way things must be objectively, scientifically and such.

And such are all the debates in Europe about how they must reform and change their labor laws, decrease taxes (this is a great one, decrease taxes always means kicking some workers of the weaker classes out of jobs as in many work for governments but they are all guilty and lazy and deserve to be punished and everyone loves this punishing everyone else, everyone is in punishment mode and they all think that that will do some good for the economy without understanding that modern economies have nothing at all to do with work at all, have zero connection with working hard or deserving anything and all to do with politics and random choices of where to allocate and what to do with the trillions of dollars of free cash the Technological Economy generates automatically).

Modern Economies need huge increases of consumption more than anything else to keep on "growing", need millions of handouts, free salaries and cheap rents to all, need a huge deflation of all costs and prices and so forth and need more work like a hole in the head, work is obsolete, not needed, too productive and no one knows what to do with so many people needing this fairy tale and eighteenth century myth of"work", this morality that you must work and deserve it, this moral philosophy that is killing economies.

And then all of the GDP numbers are truly false, cannot correspond to any possible truth are all rigged numbers: the USA and the EU combined have a GDP of 20 trillion dollars, but how is that possible ? It must be way lower, since even just one tenth of that money, 2 trillion dollars would correspond to producing, in one year 100 million cars and 5 million homes (500 buildings containing 20 large homes a day for a year). Obviously the USA and EU are not producing nearly that amount of wealth, it is all make believe wealth, make believe money, all a fake numbering system for GDP: and this also shows how little real work those 2 economies do, how little they produce, they are mostly layabouts, mostly idle and bored economies, they are old and bored, it is all about being bored now, it is all boredom nowadays with a technological economy automating everything and producing free wealth (all hogged up by the rich).

The 10 trillion dollars of debt the USA has can represent either the huge excess capacity the system generates without knowing how to associate "work" to it (since this old fashioned work ethic and guilt complex, this moral philosophy of hard work and deserving it thinks that all production and wealth must correspond exactly to some amount of work when in all truth this linearity no longer exists in a Technological Economy, nay, the relationship is probably upside down, less work and more fun and games and free time (look at the IPHONE and TABLETS, these are all fun and games) creates more economic growth and wealth but not more work and such; or the debt can represent the amount of work not performed by the millions of idle workers making believe they work: but the contradiction is that if they were to work productively they would rapidly saturate all markets with an overflow of too many goods killing any future work, like building too many homes and cars and killing any future work, etc. The paradox is that more work today kills ever more work in the future, hence we need more work like a hole in the head.

It is all about winning, all about fighting and winning in the end, not even about money, but about winning, fighting and winning, contradicting another will power and winning, nothing else counts, you can have everything but if you feel that you must fight and win against something else, then that is the only thing that counts: like when people think that the third world countries are bad off and such, but they are not nearly as bad off as a fired USA manager or such since poor people don't "know what they miss" in a sense, you can't miss something you don't know you want, and you are forced to want things and fight according to the command language you live in describing what is desired and what not, creating you problems and tasks and targets and goals and mostly failures and frustration no matter how much money you have and such.

Cock Ape says that : And all language and conversations are only subtle will power fights, all words and conversations and blocks of text simply presenting problems to you, are problem generating, represent always somewhere contrasting will powers and fights, democracy sucks because everyone is always fighting everyone else over what to do, who is right and wrong, what is better : you are better off under a dictatorship telling you what to do so you don't have to think about all of these controversies, take sides and fight, always fighting and debating and always problem aware and problem generating, information and words are always problems generating, fight generating, worry generating, emergency generating, everything is a problem and an emergency, everything is a new problem, a new debate a new fight and so forth.



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