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The Universe invents Itself ...

The Universe invents Itself ...

We are the way the Universe looks at itself. But how much of itself does it need to look at itself ? and what part is the Observer and what part is the Subject ? And how much does the Universe have to use to look at itself ? And how does the view change according to how much of itself it uses (or chooses to use) to look at itself ? So the Observer can be in the form of a group of many similar point like Observers interacting between themselves and the parts of the Universe that are not the Observers (like a civilization on a planet ? ) or the Observer(s) can be diffused under another form, any other imaginable, incredible and crazy form, or it could be a set of photons that acquire consciousness and so forth. And the Observer may be the entire Universe "looking at itself" or more properly "interacting with itself" and so forth. And how does the Universe delimit the Observer from the other parts of itself ? what does it consider inside and outside, what is independent and dependent (what constitutes a surprise, something it can't "predict" against something it has under control ?), what is the Objective Reference system it decides to assign, the ground state, in order to measure some other parts of itself against itself ? and so forth...

Is it all just a trick of the mind, just logic that self manipulates itself and gives the impression of being deeper and more important, more "Iconiclastic" than what it is ? applying small sequences of symbols to the entire Universe and such ? Or is there something real and deep within these ideas ?

SO the laws of physics are discovered by the Universe itself, it establishes patterns and repetitions, but why did it decide to measure itself according to Space - Time dimensions ? why didn't it choose anything else ? it has no exterior or fundamental constraint upon itself, so it could have chosen anything at all, it can invent anything at all, and in fact our view and decoding and repetitions and "Laws of Physics" we, the Universe "looking at itself" (or better yet "manipulating itself, talking to itself and so forth") established is just one of any, one of a million others that the Universe can choose to have, can choose to self invent, just another view from an Abstraction Kit that has no contraints and fundamental Absolutes within itself limiting itself (and outside of itself, within the "Space", the container containing the Universe) in any way, Objective laws it must abide to, since it invents (and can keep on inventing new laws) its own laws, it can do anything it wants, after all it is the Universe, all, it is the superset of all and decompose itself and decode itself and choose anything it wants in anyway it wants. And in fact the Universe can choose to have an electron as the Observer of itself, or a bit in a computer, or a set of bits, or a planet size modified brains, or the entire Universe as the Observer of itself (one to one size, or an imagined trillion to one contraption, the universe invents a contraption trillions of times its size and complexity to observe itself and so forth and all the combinations in between, you invent it, the more wild and crazy and colorful the better) or a network, or all kinds of modified brains, or all kinds of Manipulated "Matter that interacts with itself" and so forth.

Hence crack open skulls, stick a V8 Cadillac Engine inside of it, you will enter a new Universe, it will be an new instantiation of a new way for the Universe to look at itself, a new view amongst many trillions of arbitrary, invented, simply assigned (like assigning a variable to a memory location in a computer) views, many trillions of new Universes, new Designs, new Brain Styles, with new Laws of Physics since the universe looks at itself through arbitrarily chosen decodings, hence laws of physics, hence Information Relationships, hence Experience Sets.

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