Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fake Crisis

Fake Crisis

Everything is an emergency, everything is falling apart, only then to never fall apart, to never happen and so forth, all a bluff, a game, a make believe crisis that then just disappears the next day: oh the fiscal cliff and such BS, what happened ? nothing ! the fake crisis was once again "resolved", or the can kicked down the street a little further and so forth. The EU debt crisis, Greece falling apart, and so forth ! crisis, emergency, a big disaster and so forth. Oh and then what happened ? Nothing it all got solved somehow or another, all of the crisis and emergencies just get solved, always miracurously, the last minute everything gets saved, the fake crisis and emergency and such just gets solved, over and over again, always new emergencies, crisis, problems, only to have them all disappear the next day, but maybe pop up again a month later and the cycle repeats and such with eveything and such. Anyone remember the "California is Bankrupt" emergency ? what happened ? nothing ! it got solved or dissappeared or the can got kicked down the street a little further and so forth. A never ending stream of emergencies, crisis and problems that somehow always get solved, or disappear or whatever, so many crisis and emergencies you can't even remember a tenth of them and so forth.

But in the EU it is even more funny: the big debt crisis, the emergencies and all, all of the problems, the crisis, everything was supposed to fall apart in 2012 and what happened ? nothing it is all ok now, but at the same time the governments of Southern Europe, Spain, Italy and Greece had an excuse to pass tougher laws punishing the weaker social classes, with the excuses of all of the crises, they hosed the lower classes, they passed laws increasing the retirement age, changed the labor laws, increased taxes and so forth, fired government workers (always assumed to be lazy and a "waste of money" (but for who ? in what sense ?!?, not for those government workers assholes!)) all with this imaginary, fake crisis and emergency mode that is used over and over again, in all of the world to pass laws to punish the weaker classes and such.

Watch out for the next emergency that will be used as an excuse to pass some laws against you, always some kind of justification, the weaker social classes are always guilty and morally wrong, kick out government and state workers, they are lazy and bad and guilty for all of the emergencies.

What a farce, and everyone believes in all the crap they tell you.

And then all of the news just lasts a short attention span, it all becomes so important as long as it is present on the radar, as soon as the next day comes, it is all solved, disappears, vanishes: I remember a few years back how important Irak and the Irak War was, now, it's off the radar, as if it never happened you could say, it has vanished, it is no longer there, who even remembers ? who cares ? was that crappy country even so important ? and so forth. And then the last obsessive news and issues just get replaced with the latest obsessive news and issues: since 2008 it has been the great boogy man of the recession and the economic crisis and such: in ten years no one will remember crap about all of this stuff, some other new news and obsessions and new issues will dominate all the media, maybe some new terrorist attack or such.

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