Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Yo Yo News...



Yo Yo News...

The news is that the stock market went up: wow a real new "news", the day before it went down, tomorrow it will go down, then up, then down and so forth: the economy went up, then down, then up, back and forth, up and down, the only news that is possible is the last news compared to the previous and so forth. The new news will always be the opposite of the last news which will then cycle through and become once again the old news and so forth and such.

Many things are locked in a box, can either go up or down, can only be one or zero, a one bit circuit, and that is what they do: they cycle back and forth, now it is good, tomorrow bad, the next day good, now A has happened, tomorrow B will happen then since things can only go back and forth in the end, the only thing that can happen again is A all over again and the cycle repeats. And so it is with recessions and expansions and all else, in reality, there is no real news, things just chug along as usual, up and down (and notice the precentages are always so small, which means they essentially are hoovering around zero and so forth).

So there will always be news, as it is always and only ever news compared to the last news which is always the opposite of the new news and so forth. Things can only go back and forth, last month employment picked up, this month it went down, and the only thing that changes is the length of the cycles, the repetitive patterns repeating with different time lengths and nothing else. Kind of like a fake news, like following the stock markets or the exchange rates, you can be sure that when either get too high, they will get back down again, only to cycle up and down all over again, locked in a box, tied into a binary segment, ony one or zero, no choice to possibly go anywhere else, all news is really no news, and the same with all statistics, measurements and numbers only to become news compared to the last news: yesterday it was black, today it is white tomorrow it will be black again a few days longer white again, back and forth, the yo yo world, the yo yo news, no real new news, only the same old things repeated forever and so forth.

That company went down, that other company failed, that other one made a profit, that guy robbed money, and so forth, all similar events repeated over and over again, all over the place, the same old, same old...

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